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Fatboy Outdoor Chairs

Bold and bright bean bag chairs that are 100% weatherproof. Featured at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics at the base of the mountain for the mogul skiers. Visit our retail store and sink yourself into one of these comfy chairs today!

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The Toboggin Arrives

Canadian designer Devin Schaffner has created the Toboggin series. The pieces are made out of red and white Corian, and offer a range of uses. The 48” long model can be utilized as a coffee table or as a bench, while the 24” long model can be used as a coffee table, side table, and bench while lying horizontally and providing a temporary stool or side table when standing vertically. 100% weather-proof. Visit our

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Planika featured in Style at Home Magazine

Check out our Planika fireburners that are featured in the May 2010 issue of Style at Home Magazine.

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Just in…. the Solair Chair

Long thought to be lost and out of production, a ‘made-in-Canada’ classic is making a come back after languishing on the sidelines for the last two decades. Available in the punchy colors of blue, orange, magenta, yellow, green, tan, black, white and grey. Great for both outdoor and indoor use. Super comfortable. Come to the store and try one out. $125

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HOW TO: Backwash!

How to backwash a sand filter with a multiport dial valve: 1. Shut off pump motor. 2. Press down on dial valve handle on top of the filter and rotate valve from FILTER to BACKWASH position. 3. Open the backwash line valve or roll out the backwash hose. 4. Turn pump on for three minutes. 5. Shut off pump motor and move multiport dial valve handle to RINSE position. Run on rinse for 15-25 seconds. 8. Shut off pump motor and move multiport dial valve handle back to FILTER position. 9. Turn pump back on and note lower pressure … Read More

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Where do you relax?

As we prepare to open pools and spas for our clients this spring, we are reminded of the benefits of having a backyard retreat. Do you look forward to spending Sunday afternoons together splashing or soaking outdoors in the sunshine, laughing, relaxing and bonding? This is in stark contrast to how we often spend our weekdays, racing to complete our never ending ‘To Do’ lists and then fighting traffic in the ever growing GTA to get home at last. It is so wonderful to reconnect and have fun together, in close proximity, with no high tech interruptions to distract … Read More

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Swimming Pool Openings

It’s that time of year again – time to start planning your swimming pool opening. Please click on the link below to read our Spring Service brochure. If you’d like to book service with us, please fill in the following Spring Booking Form and mail or fax back to Sarah at: BonaVista Pools 40 Shields Court Markham, ON L3R 0M5 Fax: 905-475-7076 Spring Booking Form

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Hot Tub Event

We pay the taxes until April 31/10. Visit our Outdoor Living Boutique at 812 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto and get yourself soaking in a Hydropool Hot Tub this Spring!

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