Tips for Getting Maximum Benefit from Your Dazzle™ Sanitizing Program: – Maintain 1.0–3.0 ppm of chlorine or bromine. – For your sanitizer to be most effective, your pH needs to be properly balanced! – Bring a water sample to the store for expert analysis and recommendations. Timing is Everything: – Make sure you have adequate sanitizer levels on the weekends

See BonaVista’s latest breathtaking pool projects. This stunning Toronto backyard is a full perimeter overflow swimming pool and spa.

We had a wonderful ‘staycation’ lounging in our backyard, keeping cool under our Shadescapes umbrella, bbq’ing, and enjoying the summer heat in the swimming pool (and hot tub believe it or not). It was nice not to have to drive in traffic or pack any suitcases, but to simply enjoy our backyard with wonderful family and friends. Thanks to all

Check out BonaVista LeisureScapes on Breakfast Television Toronto. The store looks great featuring the latest in outdoor living, backyard decor, bbq’s, hot tubs, saunas, umbrellas, aqua fit gear and swimming pool toys. Part One Part Two

Your filter not only picks up small particulate, it also collects oils, suntan lotions, calcium and metals. These clog your filter, reducing efficiency, affecting chemical  and electrical costs. Deep clean your pool filter once a year and after an algae problem. Try Dazzle™ Filter Cleanse, an environmentally-friendly filter cleaning product (and the first pool care product to achieve EcoLogo certification!). Dazzle™ Filter