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Need to warm up?

What about a infrared sauna? Saunas designed to alleviate muscle tension, promote deep relaxation and naturally detoxify the body. Benefits of regular sauna use include: 1. Relaxing muscle. 2. Relieving aches, pains and stress. 3. Inducing a deeper sleep. 4. Flushing toxins from body (detoxification). 5. Improving cardiovascular performance. 6. Fighting illness (eg. common flu and colds). To read articles on interest on the benefits of detoxification in a infrared sauna, click here. Stop by our retail store to try out our Saunacore infrared sauna.

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FatBoy Order

We are putting in a special FatBoy Order for FatBoy Outdoor, Junior and Original. What color would you like? Order your custom color now and get 10% off your purchase. Orders will be placed by November 30th, 2010… so hurry now and put your order in before it’s too late. These bold and bright bean bags from the Netherlands are all over Europe. Very recently on this side of the pond, white Fatboysgreeted the Vancouver 2010 Olympics mogul skiers at the base of the run to demonstrate their robust, weatherproof nature. Check out the Fatboy Outdoor collection. With a … Read More

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Holiday Gift Guide

Only one month until Christmas. Need a few ideas before you head out shopping? Who do you need to buy for this year? Check out our holiday gift guide for inspiration. We are also having huge sales on outdoor patio furniture by DEDON, Hydropool Hot Tubs, BBQ‘s and more.

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All I Want for Christmas….

…. is the new Hydropool Self-Cleaning 495 Hot Tub. Look at how beautiful this hot tub is. Getting into this hot tub is a private, majestic and luxurious experience. A place to reconnect. A retreat to get away to. A paradise of your own. Our showroom model is on sale just in time for Christmas. Do you have someone special to buy for? What about a wish list of your own? Sign up for a coupon and receive an additional $500 ‘friends and family’ rebate.

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This Just In….

Introducing the all new Hydropool Self-Cleaning 495 Hot Tub. The newest addition to our self-cleaning hot tub line up, the 495 is a true 4 person hot tub with a european design update. The 495 offers all the standard features you would expect from a Hydropool Hot Tub, but with greater comfort than ever before. It is currently the only 4 person hot tub with 2 loungers! Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs takes the worry and hassle of hot tub maintenance away with a hands-free cleaning system that safe guards you and your family by providing crystal clear purified water … Read More

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Hot Tub Clearance Event

Don’t miss out on this Hydropool Hot Tub event! Want to stay warm this winter? Dreaming of a relaxing evening at home? Want to experience the benefits of hydrotherapy from your own backyard? Now is your time to do so. Year End Hot Tub Clearance Event We are selling all floor model hot tubs at a deeply discounted rate to make room for spring inventory. All 2010 hot tub models are priced to go. Take advantage of these deep savings. Sign up for a coupon and receive a free $500 off “friends & family discount” via email. That’s an … Read More

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Where do we start?

Have you ever wondered what our backyards look like before we turn them into the gorgeous landscapes that they become. The before picture may be different in every backyard, but the steps to completion are somewhat similar. Take a look this photo gallery to see the stages of pool construction…. but more completely, the stages to creating a backyard retreat. I thought this was timely as this pool was started last autumn and completed the following spring. The family was swimming just in time for summer. Don’t let the cool weather fool you, we can still build swimming pools, … Read More

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Stay Fit this Winter. Save on Aquatic Exercise Gear!

Click here to see sale information. SALE on all aquatic exercise gear. This weekend only. November 12-November 14th, 2010. Stop by our retail store to check out our line of aquafit equipment.

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Enjoy the Healing Properties of Water…

…with a Hydropool Hot Tub. Hydrotherapy is a natural way to alleviate stress and relax tense and tired muscles. Hydrotherapy involves the use of water for pain-relief and treating illness. The term hydrotherapy itself is synonymous with the term water cure as it was originally marketed by practitioners and promoters in the 19th century. Hydrotherapy uses physical water properties, such as temperature and pressure, for therapeutic purposes, to stimulate blood circulation and treat the symptoms of certain diseases. With a Hydropool hot tub, you not only get the benefits of hydrotherapy. You also get the highest quality hot tub … Read More

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Swear by your goggles, not at them.

Sable Water Optic goggles just arrived in store. 5 reasons why these are the best goggles you will ever own. 1. Flat Lens technology offers spectacular sighting in open water. Get razor sharp vision above and below water and ease eye strain. 2. Super Anti-fog technology outperforms everything else on the market. 3. Flash mirror coating cuts glare. It’s hydrophobic surface sheds water, keeping the lens clear. 4. Customizable prescription lenses aid precision eyesight. Different RX’s can be installed for each eye. 5. Unparalleled visual clarity.

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