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Elegant and Robust Styrene Plastic Patio Collection from Danesco

There’s nothing quite like wholesome outdoor dining and a bit of healthy tanning during the warm months. Barbecues, pool-side parties, backyard lunches….there are many enjoyable experiences to be had in the company of loved ones whilst chomping down on delicious food! If you are planning weekend entertainment on your patio or deck, chances are that you may be a bit worried about bringing out your glassware. In this case, Danesco’s patio collection is perfect for you! Danesco distributes a wide range of quality kitchen products and accessories throughout Canada. Its patio collection includes wine glasses, tumblers and pitchers – … Read More

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Workout Uglies: Under-eye Creases After Swimming

The use of goggles is required to keep your eyes from the water in a pool while swimming. Apart from protecting your eyes, they also increase the clarity of your vision under water. Accentuating dark circles and puffiness: Although suction helps in keeping water out, it can also be the reason why the frames of your goggles form dark circles and puffiness by sinking deep into the fragile tissue below the eyes, according to a board-approved dermatologist, Monica Scheel, in Kona, Hawaii – the country that hosts the Ironman Triathlon World Championships every year. Solution to the problem: According … Read More

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Hydropool Announces Amazing Discounts with Factory Direct Hot Tub Sale

The summer always brings with it exciting promotions with unbelievable discounts. If you are considering renovating your backyard with a hot tub, now is the perfect time to check out top range hot tubs from Hydropool. A reputed name in the hot tub industry, Hydropool offers an extensive range of hot tubs, swim spas and other recreational pool products. One of the biggest reasons why everyone prefers a Hydropool hot tub is because of its unique features. All rolled into one, hot tubs and swim spas from Hydropool boast optimum design and comfort while offering relaxing hydrotherapy. These hot … Read More

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Hydrotherapy to Give You a Magical Experience

Warm water has the transformative, calming and cleansing nature that humans have sought throughout history. According to Greek Mythology, tidal pools or natural springs were believed to have the ability to cure ailments as they were blessed by the gods. Hippocrates, the father of medicine prescribed bathing to all his patients as he felt that bodily fluids could be balanced by baths, along with massages, walking and perspiration. The use of hydrotherapy is accounted for in a number of ways in today’s wellness and health field. Shelly Fleckenstein, a physiotherapist from Nova Scotia says that people with head and … Read More

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Turn Your Staycation into an Adventurous One

‘Staycations’ gained popularity when the economy took a turn in 2008. Ever since, individuals and families have adopted it as a trend. Traveling can include a lot of work like planning, packing, paper work for passports, etc. Relaxing at home is also an option to spend your holidays. It is important to be in the right frame of mind though. You must make rules like no emails, no chores, no cell phones, etc. and just stick to the plan. You could use the following suggestions to have an adventurous staycation. Camp out: Camping in your own backyard can be … Read More

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Native Plants: Old is Gold!

Plants that are indigenous to a particular area are described as “native plants”. They are the ones that have been growing on our land for possibly thousands of years. They vary from region to region, and many growers are looking at incorporating native plants in their own yards. Check out the range of patio furniture available on Bonavista for interesting outdoor décor ideas. The importance of growing native plants holds much significance due to the fact that they have become really scarce. Native plants must also be planted to promote a truly sustainable and green industry, and ensure that … Read More

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Improving the Safety in Your Backyard

As it gets warmer, families spend hours together in their backyards. As you soak up the sun, there could be hazards that turn your enjoyment upside down. A few safety tips must be kept in mind while you embrace the lawn. More often than not, the simplest of precautions are the ones that are overlooked most. Clean-up, for example; after a day of tending lawn or gardening, the tools that you used during the day must be searched for, picked up, and stored properly. Toys must also be collected after playtime is over. Your children can also be involved … Read More

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Staycation: An Extraordinary Getaway from the Monotony of Everyday Tasks

Family vacations are awaited eagerly by many each year. The concept of spending quality time with your family and doing things you love is what a vacation is all about. Instead of going on a vacation, you can still get loads of your family by taking time off and relaxing at home. Ever considered a ‘staycation’? Getting caught in the nine to five, for five to six days a week can get monotonous. You can’t be blamed if you need a break. And what better way to get a deserved leave and spend it at the place you love … Read More

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Backyard Exercises to Stay Fit

Who doesn’t want to be in shape? Hitting the beach in the summer gets so much easier when you have that perfect body to flaunt. That apart, there are many health benefits you can avail by simply lacing up your running shoes and jogging through the neighborhood. The number of families that install swimming pools in their backyards is increasing by and large. Water exercise is among the popular ways to stay fit and healthy. And if you have your own pool, you can exercise in the comfort of your own space. According to the Director of Kings Physiotherapy … Read More

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Polaris: The working of a Pressure Cleaner

Keeping your pool clean is very important. If the water is dirty, it can cause illnesses among people who use the pool. The water must be free of bacteria and other germs so that people can have a good swimming experience without any side effects. Finding the right way to cleaning your pool is essential. The range of pressure cleaners from Polaris, available at Bonavista offer you excellent options to consider. The working mechanism of a pressure cleaner: The pump sucks up the water via the main drain and the skimmers. The water then makes its way to the … Read More

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