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Essentials Of Outdoor Dining You Cannot Do Without!

The summer breeze brings along with it the fresh smell of new leaves, the cool breeze and a new batch of sunshine everyday. Admittedly, the summer breeze also carries nature’s surprises in the form of tiny bugs, creepy crawlies and other creatures you definitely do not want to eat. Why ruin your perfect BBQ because of a few bugs when you can easily guard your food against nature’s nasty surprises! With outdoor kitchen essentials available on Bonavista, you can easily carry your food around without worrying about multi-legged predators getting a bite of your burger before you do! Outdoor … Read More

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Top Summer Colors for Your Outdoor Living Space

living space. Whether a simple patio or an outdoor living room, with a few colors, you can dramatically change the look of your deck! All you really need are a few complementary hues that perfectly mirror your home. Check out these vibrant combinations and add color to your summer with outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas and other accessories from Bonavista! One of the best colors that depict the warm summer is yellow and in combination with black, your outdoor living space is instantly turned into a fierce and imaginative place. Pair a funky striped umbrella with this combination for a … Read More

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Interesting Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Your Backyard

Enjoying freshly grilled burgers with a cold beer is almost like an American holiday! With the recent Memorial Day marking the unofficial start of summer, many are flipping burgers in their backyards and looking forward to the bright months that follow. If you have not set up a backyard kitchen just yet, now might be a perfect time to think about your options. Nothing beats a summer experience than simply lazing around in your backyard and sipping on cold beer while talking to your favorite people. The summer is the perfect time to gather all your friends and whip … Read More

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Innovative Outdoor Furniture from Kettal in Your Own Backyard!

Considering adding real style to your backyard? Innovatively designed outdoor furniture from Kettal is a great way to bring sophistication into your home. Recently ranked in the top seven choices for outdoor furniture collections, designs from Kettal are ingeniously crafted and promise quality and longevity. If you are looking to recreate a typical Spanish cabana, Kettal’s aluminum and wood frames provide the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. Depending on your need for privacy and style, you can either drape these frames with beautiful fabrics or expose them for an airy atmosphere. Designer Patricia Urquiola is a talented artist … Read More

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Create a Mystical Atmosphere in Your Backyard with Floating Globe Lights

One of the easiest to class up your backyard is to add mood lighting. Whether they are hanging lights near the patio or floating globes in the swimming pool, lighting changes the whole atmosphere of your backyard. Apart from typical colonial lanterns and solar lights, you can use LED lights to brighten up the pool area without spending a fortune! Lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to revamp your backyard as most of the modern lighting systems make used of energy efficient lights. Capable of handling tough weather conditions without adding to your bills, LED lights … Read More

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Turn Your Backyard into a Full Fledged Gourmet Kitchen

With few experiences matching the rare pleasure of outdoor summer barbeques in Canada, you have all the more reason to spruce up your backyard into a veritable gourmet restaurant! Just imagine firing up the grill and serving cold cocktails with your favourite folks on a lazy Sunday morning. You can make it all happen with a few adjustments to your backyard. Take al fresco dining to another level by installing outdoor kitchen appliances in your backyard. You will no longer have to worry about running around your home trying to balance bottles of ketchup, mustard and other barbeque essentials. … Read More

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Grilling Your Steak to Perfection with Lynx Professional Grills

Come summer season and it’s time to grill in most homes! If you are considering giving your backyard an instant facelift, why not add an outdoor kitchen? You may take great pride in your barbeque skills but you can show them off much better with an outdoor grill of your own. Imagine all the barbeque parties you can hold over the summer and catch up with close friends and neighbors you haven’t seen in a while! Although many can grill steaks, few can do it perfectly. If you want your BBQ party to become a success, there are a … Read More

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Add Mood Lighting to Your Backyard with SLIDE Lighting Solutions

While the bright sunlight makes your renovated backyard look like a summer wonderland, nothing creates a mystical atmosphere like mood lighting at night. If you want your backyard to appear stunningly dreamy for late night events and parties, a little help with LED lighting will do the trick. Economical and extremely effective, LED lights create a beautiful effect without piling on your electricity costs. Whether you are hosting a tropical luau or a romantic dinner for two, lighting enhances the mood. If you are set to host a fun party for a larger crowd, small bonfires and golden lighting … Read More

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Transforming Your Outdoor Landscape with a Swimming Pool

There are several backyard ideas, but few come close to matching an eye-catching swimming pool with a surrounding landscape of flora. Add patio furniture to the mix, and you have an outdoor relaxing and entertaining space….a worthy extension of your home and an area that enhances the overall value of your home. Bonavista has been helping homeowners and commercial establishments meet their pool and outdoor living needs with reliability and panache. As pool experts, we would like to reiterate that there are dozens of ways in which you can transform the look and feel of your backyard. The marriage … Read More

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Cook Up a Fiery Steak with an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

No vacation is ever complete without a lazy afternoon of grilling juicy steaks in the wild outdoors. While you may not always get a chance to visit the wilderness, you can easily recreate the outdoor living experience by installing an outdoor kitchen in your home! With a wide range of available outdoor kitchen appliances, your backyard not only receives a stunning makeover, but also becomes a veritable BBQ party venue. Thanks to the range of outdoor kitchen options available on Bonavista, you can create the outdoor grilling experience of your dreams. Depending on your needs and budget, you can … Read More

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