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Sauna Therapy for Health

Did you know that a sauna can help you detoxify your system and loose weight? It has been well documented a visit to the sauna relaxes the body and has positive effects on the muscles, heart and skin. A sauna is a great way to loose some extra pounds without having to sweat it out by exercising. If you enter a sauna after an exercise then it is even better. One session in a sauna will burn an estimated 300 calories, the same amount you would have burned by walking. We are not saying that a sauna is a … Read More

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Relaxing in a Hot Tub

Hot tub therapy is not new. The ancient Greeks used to enjoy thermal and mineral water baths as back as 500 B.C. The Romans went one step further and for 600 years their medicinal treatments centered almost exclusively around the Baths. Bathhouses and spas have long been popular in countries such as Egypt, Germany, Finland, turkey and Spain. Massage relieves nerve pressure and relaxes muscles. It also accelerates the body’s natural healing process by boosting circulation. Baths are used to release stress, stretch the connective tissues gently and relax the body. An intricate mechanism that consists of jet formations … Read More

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Book your Fall Pool Closing

All good things must come to an end. The end of the pool season is fast approaching after one of the hottest and sunniest summers on record. Looking out at our pool this morning, I reflected on the action packed days and the quiet, relaxing nights we enjoyed throughout a magnificent summer. Let’s hope for a repeat next season! In the meantime, you can arrange to book your pool closing and there is no better time than the present to set a date. Fill out and submit our online form or call Sarah or Donna at 905.475.6980 today to … Read More

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Decorate Your Patio in Style

Picture this, a beautiful sunny morning, a newspaper and your hot steamy cup of coffee. You can enjoy this fantastic feeling by sitting out on your deck or patio; but what if your patio is bare with only a few folding lawn chairs? You will have to create a beautiful outdoor oasis for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The patio is a vital part of the house and can be decorated for various purposes such as outdoor living area, lounge or a relaxation area. Apart from the already available warm sunlight, soothing sky and the fresh air, … Read More

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Pools are the New Balconies!

As insane as it all sounds, conventional homes just got more luxurious with the new ‘pool balcony‘ concept. The rules of architecture are pushing their boundaries with this brilliant home décor design. Having a pool in your balcony area is amazing as you can not only relax and lounge in the pool, but also use it to check out the view outside. Balcony pools are fast becoming popular with many homeowners even in developing countries such as India. A skyscraper called Aquaria Grande is being built in Mumbai and it not just includes three levels of car parking, a … Read More

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The Many Benefits of Swim Spas

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for staying fit, without traumatizing the body. Even if you know that, the chances that you will swim every day are not very high, unless you have a pool at home. When you don’t have enough space to accommodate a regular pool, or if you live in an apartment, a swim spa can be a great alternative for a normal pool. It can be used for exercise, relaxation, and also for therapeutic purposes. When you want a pool at home, choosing a swim spa over an outdoor pool can be … Read More

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Stay Fit with Endless Pools

Often called the swimmer’s treadmill or an aquatic treadmill, an endless pool is great for exercising and fun. With these indoor pools, you can swim continuously in one direction for as long as you can, against a smooth current of water. The length of the pool can be between 7 and 10 feet, while the depth is usually 6 feet, which makes it ideal for different people. Because of its extremely convenient size, an endless pool can be installed indoors or outdoors. With an endless pool at home, you can swim anytime you want, and ensure that your body … Read More

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