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Poolscaping Mistakes to Avoid Around your Pool

So, you have been planning to create a nice landscaped paradise around your pool, but make sure you plan well and invest in funds for poolscaping so you don’t have to spend money and valuable resources the second time round. One of the first mistakes is not getting the property surveyed properly. Even before the whole concept is planned and an outline drawing is created, you should get the area surveyed to check drainage and determine elevations of the pool and landscape. Focus on your needs, not trends The other mistake when it comes to landscaping the area around … Read More

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Five Great Hot Tub Ideas

Hot tubs are a great place to relax! The hot water jets do a great job at relaxing your muscles after a long tiring day. Hot tub spas are designed with jets to target selective muscle areas to provide desired pressure. Depending on your requirements and available space, hot tubs can be set above the ground or in-ground with a deck around the place, either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor above ground hot-tub with stone work – This type of hot tub can be placed anywhere in the garden with a stone finish to give it a rustic look. You … Read More

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Japanese-themed Pool Landscaping Ideas

Think of a Japanese garden and immediately a sense of serenity, calm and quiet contemplation come to mind. The focus of Japanese gardens has always been in helping people introspect and meditate. A typical Japanese garden has a koi pond; water elements, rocks and pebbles or gravel are an invariable aspect of a Japanese landscape. In that sense, bringing in Japanese influences around your pool can be quite easy. You already have a water element to start work! How to get the perfect Japanese-themed pool Stones are an important aspect of a traditional Japanese garden. You could position a … Read More

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Natural Stone Decking for Your Pool

An important aspect of poolscaping is to choose the right material for the area around the swimming pool in your yard. Since the deck is the area that receives maximum footfalls, care should be taken to choose the right material. There are many stone varieties you can choose from that offer a combination of style and functionality. Slate and granite One of the highly popular pool deck materials used is slate. Slate is durable and heavy, easy to install and can be cut to different shapes and sizes. The material comes in colors such as purple, green, gray and … Read More

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Swimming Pool Features and Design Ideas

Attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of poolscaping. The days when all you had to do was add a basic diving board to your pool are long gone. There are a number of features like waterfalls, rocks and waterslides that you can include to make your pool look great. Read on for some great tips in enhance your pool area. Tips to keep in mind How about giving your pool a beach-like spin? You could have a beach entry to your pool with a natural and gradual slope and no ladders or stairs. Benches, ledges … Read More

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Pool Patio Ideas You Can Use

The patio is a crucial part of your poolscape and its design largely decides how you spend your time by the pool. The patio design is also a reflection of your personality and lifestyle. You can use it for a range of activities like relaxing, dining and sunbathing. Here are some pool patio ideas you could use to spruce up your pool landscape. The bistro-style patio You would need small bistro tables and French woven bistro chairs to achieve a Parisian sidewalk-type look. Chequered tablecloths, a bunch of flowers on the table will complete the look. An outdoor bar … Read More

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Maintenance of your Pool Deck

Landscaping your pool area and choosing the right themes and designs is fun, but it is equally important to maintain your yard. One of the areas of the poolside that requires special attention is the deck, which sees the maximum footfalls, water splashes and wear and tear. You would need to clean and disinfect the deck often to ensure there is no dirt or infection-causing bacteria or viruses. Another important aspect is to keep the surface wiped and dry. The cleaning process differs from one surface to another. There are wooden decks, stone, cement, ceramic tiles, rubber, brick et … Read More

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In-ground or Above-Ground Pool- What’s Ideal for your Yard?

Deciding whether your yard needs an in-ground swimming pool or an above-ground swimming pool depends on many factors. If you live in a cold climate, you could consider an above-ground pool while warmer climatic conditions demand an in-ground swimming pool. An in-ground swimming pool installed permanently makes your home and surroundings cool. In-ground pools are generally well-designed, usually made of concrete, fibreglass or vinyl. If you are the kind who hosts a lot of parties or use the pool regularly, an in-ground swimming pool is well worth it. Budget considerations and maintenance If money is an important factor and … Read More

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Getting Your Pool Deck Design Right

You could use a combination of material for the deck. For instance, brick, stone and wood tends to bring a special look to your pool and patio area. Read More

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How to Convert Your Poolside into a Tropical Retreat

Bamboo, palms, pineapples, bright flowers amidst lush greenery and blue skies… a confluence of bright tones such as green, blue and purples. You get it, we are talking tropical. Here are ways to convert your poolside into a tropical retreat with some simple steps. The first thought that comes to mind is the vegetation. You can use palms as part of the landscape if you live in a region that is favorable for their growth. If not you could have plants that have huge leaves, banana, shrubs with bright colored flowers such as hibiscuses. Maybe you could have a … Read More

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