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Types of Pool Liners

Swimming pool liners are coverings that are placed over the structure of the pool. They overlay the floor and the walls and are designed to contain water within the pool and provide a neat appearance. There are three basic kinds of pool liners based on the finish used to attach them to the swimming pool walls. Read More

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Pool Types to Consider

Considering a pool for your home and are confused over what kind of pool to get installed? Here is a primer on five pool types you could consider Read More

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How to Hire the Right Pool Contractor

If you are planning to get a pool constructed in your backyard, you certainly must have considered hiring a pool contractor. Hiring the right contractor is crucial if you want a pool that lasts long, is aesthetic and well planned. Among the most important aspects while choosing a pool contractor is getting your research right. Carry out a background check on whether the contractor has the license to install a pool. Also ensure that you get a guarantee or a warranty and understand all the terms and condition written therein. Ensure that the contractor is insured so there is … Read More

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Swim Spa or Pool?

If you are in a dilemma over whether to choose a pool or a swim spa, here are some reasons why a swim spa might be a better idea. A swim spa offers a better opportunity than a pool in terms of relaxation and therapy. Swim spas can also be used throughout the year irrespective of the weather. If you have kids and want to splash around in the hot spa in the winter, a swim spa is a better idea than a pool. Swim spas can be used indoors because of their modular structure. You could install them … Read More

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Benefits of Vinyl-liner Pools

If you are a busy professional without the luxury of time, vinyl pool liners are great for you. There are many advantages when it comes to vinyl-liner pools when compared to fiberglass or concrete pools.Here is a list of some of those advantages: Vinyl-liner pools are not expensive, so if you are looking to get a pool designed on a budget, vinyl is the way to go. Pools can be quite a drain on your pocket and it is always better to choose a material that is less expensive and yet sturdy. Low on maintenance Vinyl-liner pools are easier … Read More

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Fixing the Problem of Cloudy Water in your Pool

Not having any debris doesn’t mean that your swimming pool is clean. If the water in your pool is cloudy, it not only makes your pool look uninviting, but it also means that your pool water is very dirty. There are many reasons for your pool water getting cloudy. The process of cleaning cloudy water is not only difficult, but it is very time consuming as well. Some of the reasons include filtration problems, increased swimmer usage and lack of chlorine. The main causes of your pool water getting cloudy: The environment around your pool Whatever surrounds your pool … Read More

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10 Ways a Pool Can Transform Your Home Into a Palace

You know when can a house be considered successful? When it becomes a pleasant place to live in. When every article of home décor you have in the house, is beautiful and meaningful to you. When your home is your palace – a fortress of safety, a manor of exquisite taste and a mansion where warm memories are made. There are several ways you can achieve this and adding a pool to the outer space is one of the most lavish and elegant methods of doing so. A pool can in fact, transform your entire space and well life! … Read More

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All you Need to Know About Swimming Pool Excavations

Before you can visualize your beautiful poolside and your backyard as a venue for a million parties, you would need to come face to face with the toughest part of it all, the excavation. But what is it they said about, no pain, no gain! Without all the preparation of digging and building, there won’t be a pool or a party either. Before the excavation Prior to the excavation, it is important that you have all the requisite permits from your local body. If you need to use a part of your neighbor’s property to access the digging area … Read More

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All About Pool Paints

So your pool has now been installed in your yard, but it is not quite complete because you haven’t chosen the right paint for it. Or you have an old pool that needs a fresh coat of paint to look good. What kind of paint you choose depends entirely on what the surface is like. If your pool has already been painted before, but you are not aware of the kind of paint it has, you can wipe some solvent alcohol and xylene on a certain area. If the coating becomes soft when you use only alcohol, it could … Read More

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All About Pool Fences

You have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard and just can’t contain your joy. But have you given a thought to the safety aspect? Building codes may require you to ensure that your pool has a fence, so how do you combine safety with good design? It is not an impossibility, really, and if you can think smart, you can have both safety and aesthetics in your pool area. Fences to choose from There are removable fences, interior and perimeter fences that you can choose from. Removable ones are ideal if you entertain guests a lot and need … Read More

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