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Must-have Accessories for your Hot Tub

Irrespective of whether you have had a hot tub in your house for several years or have just recently bought one, it is always exciting to check out add-on products in the market for maximizing the relaxation and enjoyment experienced in the tub. While some hot tub accessories are technologically advanced, such as spa stereos, others would be simple items like spa pillows. There are also accessories which guarantee that the hot tub remains in good condition as and when you wish to soak. Below are some of the popular accessories for hot tubs which you can purchase. Spa … Read More

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Five Tips to Increase the Life of your Hot Tub

There is nothing better than enjoying complete relaxation in your own hot tub. In order to continue enjoying the benefits of a hot tub, you need to take certain steps to ensure its longevity: Checking the water on a routine basis You need to have a minimum amount of free bromine or chlorine, typically 1-5ppm. This is usually dependent on the sanitizer used by you. Maintain the pH in the 7.2 to 7.8 range where 7.4 is the idea target. The hardness of the calcium needs to be between 125-400ppm. Total alkalinity should be 120 to 180ppm. It is … Read More

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Aquatic Exercises To Try In Your Swim Spa

Swim spas have changed the definition of fitness exercises, and a lot of people have been taking to them in recent times. If you have been one of those who are smart enough to install a swim spa in your home, here are some aquatic exercises you could try out:  One of the simple steps you could follow is bobbing up and down in the pool. The movement boosts your breathing and tones your muscles. Use the currents and jets to take up some freehand swim movements. The movement will improve your muscle strength.  If you have equipment like dragging balls, … Read More

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Spa Care: Adding Chemicals to Your Hot Tub

If you have just gotten a hot tub installed and are wondering about the chemicals that need to be added for the tub’s maintenance, here are some simple steps you can take: Fill up the hot tub or spa with water and later increase the temperature of water till such a point that it touches 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius. Once it is done, you can add the chemicals so that the granules dissolve easily. You can add a substance that clarifies water, typically one that is enzyme-based, into your hot tub, along with a couple of … Read More

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Decorate your Backyard Pool with these Pool Crafts

If you are hosting a poolside party in the Beaches with families and kids, you will need ideas on how to make your pool and deck look pretty in limited time. Or you might just be looking at ideas to live up your poolside for spring and summer when you and your family will be spending loads of time lazing around your backyard pool. If you are looking to deck up your pool and backyard and are looking for ideas, then read on. 6 unique decorative ideas for your pool and poolside deck There are a whole lot of things … Read More

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Why Owning a Pool can be a Good Investment?

A home swimming pool is a source of countless fun with family and friends. It is a source of relief from scorching summer days; it can also be a fun area for entertaining your guests. Depending on the type of pool and your house layout owning a swimming pool can be a good investment not only in terms of monetary value, but also towards your whole family’s well being. Monetary value A house with a well-maintained swimming pool certainly has more resale value. True it also depends on the house’s location, the construction of the house and the type … Read More

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Consider Using Pavers and Tiles for Your Pool Deck

Use Pavers and Tiles to Transform your Pool Deck If you have installed a pool in your home, you will know the joy of wanting to be out in your backyard all the time, hanging out in or around the pool. Or you have had a pool for a long time and are looking at changing things around a bit to make your backyard look different. Whatever may be the situation, the easiest way for you to jazz up your pool is to build a great looking pool deck around it. There are many options you can look at … Read More

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Some Common Myths Associated with Pool maintenance

It has been your childhood dream to have a home with a swimming pool in the backyard. After many years of working hard and getting yourself a nice home with a big backyard, you have installed a nice new swimming pool. You are very proud of this new addition to your home and want to keep it looking like the same for a long time. But you are concerned about the various things you have heard about pool maintenance being expensive and difficult, and a number of contradictory advice you have received and read about. 4 swimming pool maintenance … Read More

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Automatic Pool Cleaner for Easy Maintenance of your Pool

Do you own a pool and find cleaning and maintenance difficult? It is time you considered getting yourself an automatic pool cleaner. An automatic device would ensure that you spend less time worrying about the cleanliness of your pool and more time lazing by the pool with friends and family. There are manual and automatic pool cleaners, but the manual kind will require you to run it and oversee the cleaning. Automatic cleaners continuously filter garbage, chemicals and other leaves or twigs that might have fallen into the pool. Kinds of automatic cleaners If you are wondering what kind … Read More

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Remodeling your Pool by Making Some Small Modifications

If you have been planning to remodel your pool, but don’t have the big budget for it, worry not. You don’t have to make massive structural changes; all you need to do is make small modifications to make your pool look different. Light up your pool One of the best ways to lend a new look is to add LED light fixtures. There are some that can change colors as well, so by choosing them, you effortlessly add value to your pool. You could also include some underwater lights, floating lights and lights to border the pool for a … Read More

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