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All About Pool Paints

September 30th, 2014

So your pool has now been installed in your yard, but it is not quite complete because you haven’t chosen the right paint for it. Or you have an old pool that needs a fresh coat of paint to look good. What kind of paint you choose depends entirely on what the surface is like. If your pool has already been painted before, but you are not aware of the kind of paint it has, you can wipe some solvent alcohol and xylene on a certain area. If the coating becomes soft when you use only alcohol, it could … Read More

All About Pool Fences

September 29th, 2014

You have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard and just can’t contain your joy. But have you given a thought to the safety aspect? Building codes may require you to ensure that your pool has a fence, so how do you combine safety with good design? It is not an impossibility, really, and if you can think smart, you can have both safety and aesthetics in your pool area. Fences to choose from There are removable fences, interior and perimeter fences that you can choose from. Removable ones are ideal if you entertain guests a lot and need … Read More

Fiberglass Pools vs Concrete Pools

September 26th, 2014

You have decided to install a pool in your yard, but are unsure about what kind of pool to choose. You have heard terms such as fiberglass pools or concrete pools, but aren’t sure what they mean. You have come to the right place. Here are some differences between the two kinds of pools: List of differences If you are the kind of person who is looking to install a pool on a budget, the fiberglass pool is an attractive proposition for you. Fiberglass is easier to install and you can get the whole project done in a fortnight. … Read More

Luxury Above-ground Swimming Pool Ideas

September 25th, 2014

You can turn your above-ground pool into a luxury hotspot with some creative thinking and smart execution. Here are some ways to do it: Let there be light A whole array of add-ons is available to overcome the ‘tin-can look’ of your above-ground pool in the backyard. Have you considered lights that change colors underwater or LEDs that rotate in different modes? These lights lend a festive look to your pool and make it look more luxurious than ever. Nothing succeeds like fancy lights when it comes to luxury, but what about day-time? Have you considered water features? If … Read More

Gunite Pools: What are they all About?

September 24th, 2014

The most common dilemma when it comes to choosing a certain kind of pool over another is whether it is cost-effective, easy to maintain and install, and still looks good. When it comes to gunite too, the owner is bound to ask similar questions. Before that, the owner will also wonder what the material is all about. Both gunite and concrete contain cement, but while concrete has a mix of large and fine particles, gunite is composed of fine particles. A huge advantage when it comes to using gunite is that it sets faster and dries quicker than concrete … Read More

Building an Aromatherapy Pool

September 19th, 2014

After a tiring day at work, it is wonderful to look forward to a relaxing bath in a spa or pool which will ease your tired muscles and slowly lull you into a deep slumber. If the pool is indoors and has temperature-controlled water, then a few drops of aromatic oil or scented salts can provide the right setting for a late evening. While manufacturers of hot tubs and temperature-controlled pools just provide you with the required components and fittings, it is up to you to create a setting for an enjoyable bathing experience. Aromatherapy pool facilities Since you … Read More

Lend a Classic Old-Style Touch to Your Poolscape

September 18th, 2014

Unleash your creativity and do up your poolside in keeping with a retro decor theme. What’s more, you may not need a huge budget as well, and some of the ideas are simple, DIY ones that you can implement over a weekend. Things to do One of the simplest ways to lend a vintage look to your poolscape is to put up a re-purposed wooden bench, with a crude finish and peeled off paint on the patio. An old stone bench could lend a vintage feel as well.  Get hold of some wooden logs and create a small seating … Read More

Hot Tub and Swim Spa Fall Clearance Event

September 18th, 2014

Get your dream hot tub this Fall! It’s time to ‘Rake in the Savings’ on all Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas. Hot tub inventory clearance on all 2014 hot tubs and swim spas. $500 off hot tubs and $1000 off swim spas. Limited time offer only. Take advantage of this offer and SAVE! Visit our outdoor living boutique at 812 Eglinton Ave. East or call 416.645.6980. Speak to Jennifer or Karen to learn more.

Poolscaping Mistakes to Avoid Around your Pool

September 12th, 2014

So, you have been planning to create a nice landscaped paradise around your pool, but make sure you plan well and invest in funds for poolscaping so you don’t have to spend money and valuable resources the second time round. One of the first mistakes is not getting the property surveyed properly. Even before the whole concept is planned and an outline drawing is created, you should get the area surveyed to check drainage and determine elevations of the pool and landscape. Focus on your needs, not trends The other mistake when it comes to landscaping the area around … Read More

Five Great Hot Tub Ideas

September 10th, 2014

Hot tubs are a great place to relax! The hot water jets do a great job at relaxing your muscles after a long tiring day. Hot tub spas are designed with jets to target selective muscle areas to provide desired pressure. Depending on your requirements and available space, hot tubs can be set above the ground or in-ground with a deck around the place, either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor above ground hot-tub with stone work – This type of hot tub can be placed anywhere in the garden with a stone finish to give it a rustic look. You … Read More