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How to Host a Victoria Day Pool Party

Pool parties are a wonderful way to celebrate special occasions with friends and family. Here are some ideas on how to host a Victoria Day Pool Party. Things You’ll Need •    Plenty of extra towels – Guests may have forgotten to bring a towel or, perhaps their towel will get too wet over the course of the afternoon. •    Waterproof sunscreen – Should be available for guests who forgot to bring their own. Suggest they use it.•    Plates, napkins and serving utensils – Pick up some summer-themed napkins and melamine plates from your local dollar store. Just about any … Read More

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Happy Canada Day from Bonavista Pools

Its a beautiful day in the GTA. I know, I know, the sky is overcast and you may need to wear a light jacket if you go outside for a stroll in the park but still, this is Canada and its the Canada Day long weekend Read More

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Tips for the Perfect Backyard Barbeque Party

A barbeque can be the perfect way to spend time with your family and friends. You can either host one on special occasions or whenever you want an excuse to spend some quality time outdoors. If you are thinking about the ingredients to the perfect backyard barbeque party, well then here are a few tips for you to consider. Read More

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Backyard Barbeque Maintenance

Your backyard barbeque can become an integral part of your outdoor parties and other gatherings. Here’s how you can ensure that the barbeque stays in good working condition. Read More

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Grilling Your Steak to Perfection with Lynx Professional Grills

Come summer season and it’s time to grill in most homes! If you are considering giving your backyard an instant facelift, why not add an outdoor kitchen? You may take great pride in your barbeque skills but you can show them off much better with an outdoor grill of your own. Imagine all the barbeque parties you can hold over the summer and catch up with close friends and neighbors you haven’t seen in a while! Although many can grill steaks, few can do it perfectly. If you want your BBQ party to become a success, there are a … Read More

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Cook Up a Fiery Steak with an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

No vacation is ever complete without a lazy afternoon of grilling juicy steaks in the wild outdoors. While you may not always get a chance to visit the wilderness, you can easily recreate the outdoor living experience by installing an outdoor kitchen in your home! With a wide range of available outdoor kitchen appliances, your backyard not only receives a stunning makeover, but also becomes a veritable BBQ party venue. Thanks to the range of outdoor kitchen options available on Bonavista, you can create the outdoor grilling experience of your dreams. Depending on your needs and budget, you can … Read More

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Outdoor Kitchen Products Make Great Father’s Day Gifts!

If your dad loves to cook or takes it upon himself to throw the best BBQ parties, how about a Father’s Day gift that speaks directly to his likings and aspirations? Bonavista has some excellent gift ideas for you, and reckons that moms will appreciate these as well! What are we talking about? Outdoor kitchen products from Napoleon and Lynx – something every discerning outdoor chef would love to have, or already has by now! Napoleon’s patented technology and eco-friendly designs have seen the company serve the outdoor stove, grill and patio needs of happy households across the country. … Read More

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Turn Your Staycation into an Adventurous One

‘Staycations’ gained popularity when the economy took a turn in 2008. Ever since, individuals and families have adopted it as a trend. Traveling can include a lot of work like planning, packing, paper work for passports, etc. Relaxing at home is also an option to spend your holidays. It is important to be in the right frame of mind though. You must make rules like no emails, no chores, no cell phones, etc. and just stick to the plan. You could use the following suggestions to have an adventurous staycation. Camp out: Camping in your own backyard can be … Read More

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And Then There Were Three: Finding the Right Barbecue for an Amazing Experience

Barbecues are fun ways to spend time, and whether it’s the Hawaiian luau or the South African Braai, the Aussie sausage sizzle or the Jamaican jerk chicken, everybody loves grilled food. Based on the space you have in your backyard, or wherever you plan to grill your meat, you may choose from the following types of grills available at Bonavista. Infra Red: Fuelled by natural gas or propane, these grills are similar to the traditional gas barbecues. The difference between them is that infrared grills emit infrared radiations on heating a ceramic tile to cook your food. It heats … Read More

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Spring Sale on Hot tubs and Patio furniture

Spring Sale 2012 Last chance for pre-season savings on hot tubs, patio furniture, bbq’s, fire features and all things outdoor living. On items in stock and ready for delivery today. Have your outdoor space ready just in time for the warmer weather to arrive! Click here for full list of items on sale. Sale ends May 16th, 2012. Pricing is only on in stock items and only while supplies last.

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