Whether it’s a romantic dinner beside the swimming pool or a refreshing swim at night, pool lights can add an appealing atmosphere to the pool and the surrounding areas. Lights can help to make the best use of the pool both day and night. Lighting also makes the pool safe for use when the sun goes down. Choosing the right

Swimming pool liners are coverings that are placed over the structure of the pool. They overlay the floor and the walls and are designed to contain water within the pool and provide a neat appearance. There are three basic kinds of pool liners based on the finish used to attach them to the swimming pool walls.

Considering a pool for your home and are confused over what kind of pool to get installed? Here is a primer on five pool types you could consider

Making Your Custom Pool Eco-Friendly Saving energy is the primary concern of a number of people nowadays. Swimming pools do prove to be taxing on the environment, especially when the cleaning and draining processes are not supervised. Also, there are numerous ways in which you can increase the efficiency of your system. This will also bring down the way in

Custom swimming pools have a number of benefits, including providing you with a healthy home environment. To make the pool area more inviting, it is good to incorporate proper aesthetics and unique designs. There are a number of additions you could make to drastically change the pool surroundings and deck area and make them more exciting. Here are some innovative plans that you could incorporate in your own custom pool design.

If you have experienced a power failure and are concerned about your hot tub or swim spa please be assured the water will protect your plumbing for days before it drops to 36 degrees F so do not drain the water out. Keep the cover on and once power is restored reset your GFCI and check the digital panel. If you have a FLO message you may need to thaw the mechanical equipment with a small space heater or service light. Tarp the area to create an incubator effect. Alternatively if you are without power, use a propane patio heater to keep the equipment area from freezing and add hot water by bucket or hose.

A custom pool at home gives you a great place to sit back and relax whenever you like. It is not only a source of entertainment, swimming is an exercise that is very beneficial because it strengthens a majority of the muscles in the body. It is one of the few forms of aerobic workouts that boast holistic body training.

Hot tubs are great additions to homes, especially if you enjoy a nice dip after a long day. The experience helps revitalize your system, and you feel less tired after a little while in the tub. By making a few minor modifications to the surrounding area around the hot tub, you can make the experience more suited to your needs.

After a long day’s work, it feels great to take a warm, relaxing dip in your hot tub. However, there are some additions to the landscaping design you could make to have an even more enjoyable time. Here are some simple ideas that will help you create surroundings that are fit to amaze.