Are you planning to by that fancy hot-tub you‘ve had your eyes on? Or have you already bought it? Nevertheless, every hot tub needs a platform or deck for it to be placed on and buying prefabricated ones can be quite expensive. The best solution is to build one yourself. So, here are a few basic tips to help you

Pools are the best option during summer months as they keep homeowners and families entertained outdoors when the weather is hot and sunny. However, some shade is also required to keep away from UV exposure, and custom pool covers make for great respite to avoid sunburns and relax in the pool all day long.

Swim spas are a great compromise for people who want the feeling of swimming laps in a pool, but who don’t have the space and/or budget to accommodate a full-size pool. A swim spa is also much easier to plan backyard designs around. You can create privacy, serenity and beauty with your swim spa using some of the following techniques.

Sometimes you may get the feeling that life is getting to you, and you are missing out on some of the things that count as the spice of life. Perhaps take a vacation? This can also be slightly problematic, especially if you have a tight schedule and cannot afford to walk away from some serious business issues so easily. Instead, you can bring your holiday home.

Design catalogs and other home decorating magazines often feature huge backyards. But the truth is most people do not have so much space in their home. But if you plan strategically, you can still make the most out of your small space. Here are few tips on furnishing, decorating, and planting that will help you make the most out of a small backyard.

One of the factors that determine how your outdoor living space will look is the outdoor furniture. The first impressions about your home will often stem from the décor of the outdoor space. So, it is important to choose your outdoor furniture carefully. Here are a few outdoor furniture trends that are expected to make a splash in 2013.

You may use your indoor or backyard pool for daily laps, exercise or recreation. But it doesn’t have to be dreary with no personality. There are several ways to make your pool exciting and unique. Be the envy of your neighborhood with these great ideas. Waterfall A waterfall will transform your still and boring pool into a lively hub. Your

Living on an island is typically associated with either primitive Caribbean huts or shacky shingled cottages. Although cozy cottages sound extremely welcoming, some of the contemporary beach houses featuring expansive doors and windows, clean lines and minimal detailing to emphasize the outside views can have you rethinking the best way to take advantage of an island setting. 1. Long Island,

If you have lived in or been to Venice Beach, California, you’ll know that homes here typically stand on narrow lots. While it may appear that this will pose space problems and lessen design flexibility, smart architectural features can bypass these issues to result in an eye-catching home. This was the subject of discussion in a more recent article that

Fairy tales capture the imaginations of the young and the old and a great way to make it come to life is to turn your home into one! While creating palaces of gold may not always be in your budget, you can always recreate the rustic cottage like feel in your own home. Commonly associated with fairy tales, cottages boast