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The growing popularity of aquatic exercise has encouraged several homeowners with large yards to set up private swimming pools but few people know how to use them to maintain a toned body. The controlled temperature and pressure jets that are fitted into a spa can provide an ideal setting for light exercises that can be done in the privacy of your own home. While soaking in warm water is the ideal way to relax tired muscles and joints, spas can also provide the right atmosphere for doing light exercises. You can do some light jogging in the water or … Read More

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Installing a home spa or pool can enhance the value of your home and having a one or the other in the backyard is a great way for families to connect during the evenings or relax with friends on the weekends. With adults sitting around the pool, children can spend many happy hours swimming during the summer months and you can have friends and family members come over to enjoy the water during warm evenings. Before you go ahead and purchase a spa for your home, make a clear decision about where you’d like it to be installed and … Read More

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Have you just purchased your dream home? Does the fact that it comes equipped with a pool or a hot tub, just make your recently realized dream that much sweeter? Still, as a home owner you come to realize that pools and hot tubs need to be maintained so that they don’t turn into a money-guzzling nightmare. Here are a few tips on how to get things started when you have purchased an abode with a pool or a hot tub. Tip 1: Clean Up No matter how clean or well-maintained the pool or the hot tub seem, you … Read More

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Must-have Accessories for your Hot Tub

Irrespective of whether you have had a hot tub in your house for several years or have just recently bought one, it is always exciting to check out add-on products in the market for maximizing the relaxation and enjoyment experienced in the tub. While some hot tub accessories are technologically advanced, such as spa stereos, others would be simple items like spa pillows. There are also accessories which guarantee that the hot tub remains in good condition as and when you wish to soak. Below are some of the popular accessories for hot tubs which you can purchase. Spa … Read More

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Five Tips to Increase the Life of your Hot Tub

There is nothing better than enjoying complete relaxation in your own hot tub. In order to continue enjoying the benefits of a hot tub, you need to take certain steps to ensure its longevity: Checking the water on a routine basis You need to have a minimum amount of free bromine or chlorine, typically 1-5ppm. This is usually dependent on the sanitizer used by you. Maintain the pH in the 7.2 to 7.8 range where 7.4 is the idea target. The hardness of the calcium needs to be between 125-400ppm. Total alkalinity should be 120 to 180ppm. It is … Read More

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Spa Care: Adding Chemicals to Your Hot Tub

If you have just gotten a hot tub installed and are wondering about the chemicals that need to be added for the tub’s maintenance, here are some simple steps you can take: Fill up the hot tub or spa with water and later increase the temperature of water till such a point that it touches 80 degrees Fahrenheit or 30 degrees Celsius. Once it is done, you can add the chemicals so that the granules dissolve easily. You can add a substance that clarifies water, typically one that is enzyme-based, into your hot tub, along with a couple of … Read More

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Hot Tub Deck Platforms – Framing and Designing

Are you planning to by that fancy hot-tub you‘ve had your eyes on? Or have you already bought it? Nevertheless, every hot tub needs a platform or deck for it to be placed on and buying prefabricated ones can be quite expensive. The best solution is to build one yourself. So, here are a few basic tips to help you construct a top quality platform for your Jacuzzi. Weight support Hot Tubs can weigh up to 8000 lbs. with water in them. So, it is necessary to build a deck that can support and handle this weight. The deck … Read More

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Hot Tub Breaker Keeps Tripping

Merry Christmas to all our friends at Bonavista! Here are a few more hot tub troubleshooting tips that may help you get through a seamless holiday season. Circuit breakers trip for a reason, and it means that something is wrong when they do. Your hot tub circuit breaker detects the amount of current that travels from the electrical source to the tub’s wired components. When it detects that the circuit is carrying too much electricity, it trips and shuts off the current. Avoiding Risk Until you know what causes the breaker to trip, it is risky to ignore it. … Read More

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Troubleshooting Hot Tub Electrical Elements

The main electrical element in a hot tub is the heater element and assembly, which is inside the hot tub’s cabinet. The assembly houses the element coil and a filament surrounded by compacted insulating powder. A sheath of incoloy protects the coil and filament by resisting heat and corrosion and preventing water from coming into contact with the coil. Some assemblies also have sensor components, such as a thermostat and a hot tub high limit switch. Electricity travels through the coil to create the heat, which warms the water when it passes through the tube. If the element is … Read More

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Hot Tub Gazebos Plans for Creating a Spa Oasis

Hot tub gazebo plans can turn your garden or backyard into a restorative spa that restores your physical, mental and spiritual strength. Nothing works like a hot both to relieve stress and rejuvenate your outlook. The perfect gazebo turns your hot tub into a secluded garden spa for relieving winter’s chill and relaxing and year-round. Hot Tub Enclosure Options Soaking in style depends on your surroundings, and a gazebo enclosure enhances your outdoor décor and living space. Outdoor additions to homes have become increasingly popular, increase functional living space and raise the value of your property. Your hot tub … Read More

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