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Beat Your Stress with a Hot Tub

A soak in a hot tub can not only reduce stress but provide many other health benefits. Hot water has long been used as a way to reduce pain and inflammation in the body and provide relaxation to aching joints. A hot tub is an improvement on the natural occurring hot springs that human beings have used for stress and pain relief since ancient times. New innovative features Over the years industry experts have added many innovative features to a standard hot tub. The water jets that are a standard feature in any hot tub have been greatly improved … Read More

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Building an Aromatherapy Pool

After a tiring day at work, it is wonderful to look forward to a relaxing bath in a spa or pool which will ease your tired muscles and slowly lull you into a deep slumber. If the pool is indoors and has temperature-controlled water, then a few drops of aromatic oil or scented salts can provide the right setting for a late evening. While manufacturers of hot tubs and temperature-controlled pools just provide you with the required components and fittings, it is up to you to create a setting for an enjoyable bathing experience. Aromatherapy pool facilities Since you … Read More

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Hot Tub and Swim Spa Fall Clearance Event

Get your dream hot tub this Fall! It’s time to ‘Rake in the Savings’ on all Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas. Hot tub inventory clearance on all 2014 hot tubs and swim spas. $500 off hot tubs and $1000 off swim spas. Limited time offer only. Take advantage of this offer and SAVE! Visit our outdoor living boutique at 812 Eglinton Ave. East or call 416.645.6980. Speak to Jennifer or Karen to learn more.

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Five Great Hot Tub Ideas

Hot tubs are a great place to relax! The hot water jets do a great job at relaxing your muscles after a long tiring day. Hot tub spas are designed with jets to target selective muscle areas to provide desired pressure. Depending on your requirements and available space, hot tubs can be set above the ground or in-ground with a deck around the place, either indoors or outdoors. Outdoor above ground hot-tub with stone work – This type of hot tub can be placed anywhere in the garden with a stone finish to give it a rustic look. You … Read More

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Landscaping Around a Hot Tub

What would round off your perfect hot tub would be a nice surrounding that encapsulates its beauty? Read More

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Health Benefits of Using a Hot Tub

A hot tub alleviates stress on the nerves and relaxes your muscle. 90 percent of your body weight is reduced as a result of the buoyancy that the hot water provides. This reduces the pressure on the joints. Read More

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Solar Hot Tub Heating Design

To maximize the utility of the solar water heater, the position of the tub must be correct so as to ensure that the panel receives the maximum sunlight. The solar array needs to be facing the full sun and must be place as close to the tub as possible. Read More

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Choosing Between a Hot Tub and a Swimming Pool

Swimming pools are probably the best sources of low resistance exercise you will ever get. If shedding calories is your aim, pool it is. Read More

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Wood Heated Hot Tub Design

In most cases, for a wooden hot hot tub, the fuel used is also invariably wood. However, you need a lot of wooden pallets to ensure that the water is heated to the required temperature. Read More

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How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Going to the spa can be quite an expensive affair. Also, some people may not have the time to visit the parlor regularly enough. It would be great if you just step into your bathroom, and find a spa instead, wouldn’t it? Well, this is actually possible to achieve. Just a few simple steps can help you recreate your restroom entirely. Re-paint Bathrooms are fairly small, so a few extra coatings will not take too long. The color of your surroundings has a lot to do with how comfortable you can be in that environment. Consider painting your bathroom … Read More

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