Pools are the best option during summer months as they keep homeowners and families entertained outdoors when the weather is hot and sunny. However, some shade is also required to keep away from UV exposure, and custom pool covers make for great respite to avoid sunburns and relax in the pool all day long.

Hot tub gazebo plans can turn your garden or backyard into a restorative spa that restores your physical, mental and spiritual strength. Nothing works like a hot both to relieve stress and rejuvenate your outlook. The perfect gazebo turns your hot tub into a secluded garden spa for relieving winter’s chill and relaxing and year-round. Hot Tub Enclosure Options Soaking

You have a beautiful swimming pool in your backyard and just can’t contain your joy. But have you given a thought to the safety aspect? Building codes may require you to ensure that your pool has a fence, so how do you combine safety with good design? It is not an impossibility, really, and if you can think smart, you

Unleash your creativity and do up your poolside in keeping with a retro decor theme. What’s more, you may not need a huge budget as well, and some of the ideas are simple, DIY ones that you can implement over a weekend. Things to do One of the simplest ways to lend a vintage look to your poolscape is to

So, you have been planning to create a nice landscaped paradise around your pool, but make sure you plan well and invest in funds for poolscaping so you don’t have to spend money and valuable resources the second time round. One of the first mistakes is not getting the property surveyed properly. Even before the whole concept is planned and

Think of a Japanese garden and immediately a sense of serenity, calm and quiet contemplation come to mind. The focus of Japanese gardens has always been in helping people introspect and meditate. A typical Japanese garden has a koi pond; water elements, rocks and pebbles or gravel are an invariable aspect of a Japanese landscape. In that sense, bringing in

An important aspect of poolscaping is to choose the right material for the area around the swimming pool in your yard. Since the deck is the area that receives maximum footfalls, care should be taken to choose the right material. There are many stone varieties you can choose from that offer a combination of style and functionality. Slate and granite

Attention to detail is one of the most important aspects of poolscaping. The days when all you had to do was add a basic diving board to your pool are long gone. There are a number of features like waterfalls, rocks and waterslides that you can include to make your pool look great. Read on for some great tips in