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How to Ensure Privacy Around Your Pool

Landscaping your pool area is an incomplete affair if not enough attention has been paid towards providing privacy. Your pool landscape may have great design, excellent plants and lighting, but if you are going to feel uncomfortable while swimming or just relaxing with your family and friends after a swim, all the ideating and designing goes for a toss. Plants and structures For you and your family to feel there is no intrusion into your space from nosy neighbors, your landscaper could use plants to create privacy. Plants not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the place but also … Read More

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Lighting Ideas for Your Outdoor Pool

Appropriate lighting for your pool and the landscape will not only ensure that you can use the pool at night, but will also add aesthetic value to your entire yard. Given the ideal landscape and a great pool design, it can be enchanting to walk by the pool at night with the lights turned on at strategic locations. When it comes to in-ground pool areas, earlier, two big lights fixed to the wall were used for swimming at night. However, today, LED lights have transformed the way pool lighting is done. You could install them in pipes that are … Read More

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Tips for Choosing the Right Light for Your Custom Pool

If you have installed a custom concrete pool in your house, then it is important to ensure that it is well lit so that it looks nice during the late evenings. Swimming while the lights are dazzling and bouncing of the clear water is a tantalizing experience. The feeling cannot be replaced by anything else. The feeling it induces is almost as if you are floating above the stars. Read More

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Designer Outdoor Living Room Setups

Interior design has now got a new flavor because of the increasing number of people who are coming to appreciate the aesthetics of outdoor living. It is amazing how many different and unique designs you can come up with when you do not have the limitations of the four walls around you. Read More

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Novel Landscape Lighting Designs

Thinking about lighting up your garden and backyard so that you can enjoy your summer evenings outdoors? If you already have a beautifully set up patio, all that you are lacking is the perfect lighting to go with it. Read More

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Using Solar Lights for Outdoor Lighting

The world is going through an energy crisis. The cost of power has skyrocketed. If you are entertaining outside especially in the summer, then lighting is necessary. What will a conscious consumer do in such a scenario? The answer is very simple. You can consider outdoor lighting which is powered by solar energy. Many people don’t look at solar lights traditionally and therefore the skepticism. But know that solar lights can be easily installed and they are very safe. But before installing solar lights, there’s one small thing you’ll have to consider- the issue of placement. You have to … Read More

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Gas Lanterns Can Be Good Alternatives for Your Outdoors

Before electricity and other means of energy evolved, gas was used to light suburbs and cities around the world. The early gas lanterns had to be manually lit. But since the introduction of electric ignition systems, gas lanterns have become easier to use. The ignition serves the same function that a typical electrical switch does. Gas lanterns with electrical ignition are very common now in many parts of the world. For example in the city of Berlin, there are around 44,000 gas lamps. Choosing gas lanterns is not an easy decision to make. Before you buy a gas lantern, … Read More

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Great Ways to Make Your Pool More Exciting

You may use your indoor or backyard pool for daily laps, exercise or recreation. But it doesn’t have to be dreary with no personality. There are several ways to make your pool exciting and unique. Be the envy of your neighborhood with these great ideas. Waterfall A waterfall will transform your still and boring pool into a lively hub. Your pool will get an instant personality. Children are sure to have more fun in a pool with a waterfall. The sight of the water cascading down in rushes will also soothe you. Infinity pool An infinity pool has very … Read More

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Decorate Your Patio in Style

Picture this, a beautiful sunny morning, a newspaper and your hot steamy cup of coffee. You can enjoy this fantastic feeling by sitting out on your deck or patio; but what if your patio is bare with only a few folding lawn chairs? You will have to create a beautiful outdoor oasis for you to relax and enjoy the surroundings. The patio is a vital part of the house and can be decorated for various purposes such as outdoor living area, lounge or a relaxation area. Apart from the already available warm sunlight, soothing sky and the fresh air, … Read More

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Create a Mystical Atmosphere in Your Backyard with Floating Globe Lights

One of the easiest to class up your backyard is to add mood lighting. Whether they are hanging lights near the patio or floating globes in the swimming pool, lighting changes the whole atmosphere of your backyard. Apart from typical colonial lanterns and solar lights, you can use LED lights to brighten up the pool area without spending a fortune! Lighting is one of the most cost effective ways to revamp your backyard as most of the modern lighting systems make used of energy efficient lights. Capable of handling tough weather conditions without adding to your bills, LED lights … Read More

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