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Decorate your Backyard Pool with these Pool Crafts

If you are hosting a poolside party in the Beaches with families and kids, you will need ideas on how to make your pool and deck look pretty in limited time. Or you might just be looking at ideas to live up your poolside for spring and summer when you and your family will be spending loads of time lazing around your backyard pool. If you are looking to deck up your pool and backyard and are looking for ideas, then read on. 6 unique decorative ideas for your pool and poolside deck There are a whole lot of things … Read More

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Why Owning a Pool can be a Good Investment?

A home swimming pool is a source of countless fun with family and friends. It is a source of relief from scorching summer days; it can also be a fun area for entertaining your guests. Depending on the type of pool and your house layout owning a swimming pool can be a good investment not only in terms of monetary value, but also towards your whole family’s well being. Monetary value A house with a well-maintained swimming pool certainly has more resale value. True it also depends on the house’s location, the construction of the house and the type … Read More

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Remodeling your Pool by Making Some Small Modifications

If you have been planning to remodel your pool, but don’t have the big budget for it, worry not. You don’t have to make massive structural changes; all you need to do is make small modifications to make your pool look different. Light up your pool One of the best ways to lend a new look is to add LED light fixtures. There are some that can change colors as well, so by choosing them, you effortlessly add value to your pool. You could also include some underwater lights, floating lights and lights to border the pool for a … Read More

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New Swimming Pool Trends 2015

Swimming pool trends for 2015 are as varied as other home interior trends. Whether you are getting a new pool or upgrading an existing one, utilizing the latest trends or elements of it can add a whole new dimension to your backyard, landscape and even the entire house. Here are some pool trends for the year 2015: Scintillating surfaces Unique pool surfaces can add to a simple design and make it top notch. Simple tiles or concrete designs are now old-fashioned. Make a splashing statement with your swimming pool by using new materials for the surface such as glass … Read More

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3 Awesome Ideas to Enhance Your Backyard Pool Design

It is hard to imagine a backyard without a pool. A pool can act like the ultimate accessory that can make the whole backyard shine and make the whole house stand out. You can make the swimming pool the centerpiece of your backyard or design it in a way that it acts as part of the backyard landscape, thereby, adding to its overall look. Here are some great ideas for your backyard pool. Use of water features You can instantly add value to your pool design by adding water features to your pool or surrounding area. Pools with waterfalls … Read More

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How Swimming Pools Promote Community Living

How Swimming Pools Promote Community Living Swimming pools come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some swimming pools can be of very modest size and designed only for a small number of people. These pools are typically only meant for families to engage in some recreation and fun. However, larger swimming pools in residential complexes can have a number of great benefits when it comes to developing a sense of community. Many individuals believe that swimming pools are solely made for individuals to get some form of exercise, and relieve the stress of their daily working lives. In … Read More

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How to Stay Safe in Residential Pools – Important Safety Information

A residential swimming pool is a fantastic way for families and friends to engage in healthy recreational activities while also having a bit of fun. Taking a leisurely swim with friends is a popular way to spend the day, especially when the warm days of summer arrive. However, while swimming pools remain popular among numerous homes across the United States, the importance of implementing key safety measures cannot be overstated. By ensuring that particular safety and security measures are in place, a family can gain the maximum benefit of a swimming pool, while by avoiding injuries, as well as the risk of trespassers. In this article, we take a look at some basic safety tips that one must introduce with a swimming pool. Read More

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Landscaping Options Around a Custom Garden Pool

Constructing a garden pool is not an easy task as it requires thorough knowledge of architecture. Each garden is designed differently and has varying topographical features. You must pick a pool design that matches your garden if you want to make the most of the available space. If you have a large garden, there are fewer concerns for you to work around. Read More

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Types of Pool Liners

Swimming pool liners are coverings that are placed over the structure of the pool. They overlay the floor and the walls and are designed to contain water within the pool and provide a neat appearance. There are three basic kinds of pool liners based on the finish used to attach them to the swimming pool walls. Read More

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Pool Types to Consider

Considering a pool for your home and are confused over what kind of pool to get installed? Here is a primer on five pool types you could consider Read More

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