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Maintenance of your Pool Deck

Landscaping your pool area and choosing the right themes and designs is fun, but it is equally important to maintain your yard. One of the areas of the poolside that requires special attention is the deck, which sees the maximum footfalls, water splashes and wear and tear. You would need to clean and disinfect the deck often to ensure there is no dirt or infection-causing bacteria or viruses. Another important aspect is to keep the surface wiped and dry. The cleaning process differs from one surface to another. There are wooden decks, stone, cement, ceramic tiles, rubber, brick et … Read More

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In-ground or Above-Ground Pool- What’s Ideal for your Yard?

Deciding whether your yard needs an in-ground swimming pool or an above-ground swimming pool depends on many factors. If you live in a cold climate, you could consider an above-ground pool while warmer climatic conditions demand an in-ground swimming pool. An in-ground swimming pool installed permanently makes your home and surroundings cool. In-ground pools are generally well-designed, usually made of concrete, fibreglass or vinyl. If you are the kind who hosts a lot of parties or use the pool regularly, an in-ground swimming pool is well worth it. Budget considerations and maintenance If money is an important factor and … Read More

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Renovate your Pool Area with these Cool Ideas

Bored of the way your pool area looks? Need to add some extra panache to your pool this summer? Renovate your pool area with these cool ideas that will make you want to spend all your time around the pool. Ideas to enhance the pool in your house Pool interior – If you are looking at an instant facelift for your pool, re-doing its interiors is the shortest and most affordable way to achieve this. Vinyl liners that are now available in the market can actually spoil you for choices. The wide range of designs, colors, patterns and textures … Read More

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Pool Maintenance: Why is it Important?

Keep your pool covered when not in use for long periods to cut down on maintenance costs and to avoid leaves, twigs, and other debris falling into the water. Read More

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Designing a Custom Indoor Pool

If you plan on constructing an indoor pool, there are a few things you must take into consideration. Read More

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Why Do People Swim?

Unlike other sports, swimming attracts people to join in, even though it is a physical exertion. Relaxing or even rehabilitating in a pool is a common sigh today Read More

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Exercise Training Outside the Swimming Pool

Injury prevention and strength building exercises outside the pool can go a long way in improving your technique and building your core. Read More

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Installing Custom Pools with Shallow Ends for Babies

The major issue with having a swimming pool is that it instantaneously becomes a safety hazard for the infant. You always have to keep an eye out to check whether your kid is getting too close to the swimming pool Read More

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Making Your Custom Pool Eco-Friendly

If you plan to install a swimming pool heater, consider getting one that is powered by the sun. Read More

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Studies Show Faster Cognitive Development in Children who Swim

They found that kids who were exposed to swimming very early were far more advanced in thought process as well as physical capacity when compared to others their age.

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