Practically everything we own needs cleaning periodically. Cleaning your concrete swimming pool may seem like a daunting task but it needn’t be as difficult as that. A full acid wash treatment may be necessary if the pool and pool tile hasn’t been regularly maintained or has been left uncovered during the winter months. You can call Bonavista Pools for this

Regular testing of your pool and spa water is an important part of your pool maintenance routine and it isn’t as complicated as you may imagine. Your pool supply shop has the test kits you will need to test your pool water. Sanitizer/Oxidizer Tests The DPD test checks for available chlorine. Its chemical reagent reacts with the free available chlorine


Choosing a quality pool tile will help to seamlessly merge your concrete pool into its surrounding environment while providing it with timeless beauty and elegance. From the simple rectangular pools of the 50’s to the wide variety of pool shapes and colors available today, tile features have undergone many changes. The earliest pools used only aqua blue waterline tile with precast

If you have a pool at home, you know how hazardous it can be to venture anywhere near it after dark if it’s not well-lit. But pool lighting today has a lot more purpose than making your pool and backyard safe. It can completely change the look and feel of your backyard and house, depending on how you choose to

Whether it’s a romantic dinner beside the swimming pool or a refreshing swim at night, pool lights can add an appealing atmosphere to the pool and the surrounding areas. Lights can help to make the best use of the pool both day and night. Lighting also makes the pool safe for use when the sun goes down. Choosing the right

People with a large backyard sometimes like to add a custom swimming pool to improve the value of their property and have the pleasure of hosting pool parties. Your swimming pool need not be spectacular with great landscaping around it, as even a small pool with an artistic design and some greenery around it can provide a wonderful atmosphere for

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is great, but maintaining it to keep it clean and serviceable can be a tedious and expensive task. If you have a pool heater, you can use the pool all through the year. However, if the pool remains uncovered, you may have to drain it a couple of times a year. Regular pool

Have you just purchased your dream home? Does the fact that it comes equipped with a pool or a hot tub, just make your recently realized dream that much sweeter? Still, as a home owner you come to realize that pools and hot tubs need to be maintained so that they don’t turn into a money-guzzling nightmare. Here are a

If you are hosting a poolside party in the Beaches with families and kids, you will need ideas on how to make your pool and deck look pretty in limited time. Or you might just be looking at ideas to live up your poolside for spring and summer when you and your family will be spending loads of time lazing around