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Swim Spa or Pool?

If you are in a dilemma over whether to choose a pool or a swim spa, here are some reasons why a swim spa might be a better idea. A swim spa offers a better opportunity than a pool in terms of relaxation and therapy. Swim spas can also be used throughout the year irrespective of the weather. If you have kids and want to splash around in the hot spa in the winter, a swim spa is a better idea than a pool. Swim spas can be used indoors because of their modular structure. You could install them … Read More

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Building an Aromatherapy Pool

After a tiring day at work, it is wonderful to look forward to a relaxing bath in a spa or pool which will ease your tired muscles and slowly lull you into a deep slumber. If the pool is indoors and has temperature-controlled water, then a few drops of aromatic oil or scented salts can provide the right setting for a late evening. While manufacturers of hot tubs and temperature-controlled pools just provide you with the required components and fittings, it is up to you to create a setting for an enjoyable bathing experience. Aromatherapy pool facilities Since you … Read More

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Hot Tub and Swim Spa Fall Clearance Event

Get your dream hot tub this Fall! It’s time to ‘Rake in the Savings’ on all Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas. Hot tub inventory clearance on all 2014 hot tubs and swim spas. $500 off hot tubs and $1000 off swim spas. Limited time offer only. Take advantage of this offer and SAVE! Visit our outdoor living boutique at 812 Eglinton Ave. East or call 416.645.6980. Speak to Jennifer or Karen to learn more.

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Pools and Spas that are Environment-Friendly

If you are planning to buy a custom pool or spa for your house, then you may consider purchasing one that is eco-friendly. The efficiency of the pool does not go down in any way, nor is it any harder to maintain, so you do not have to give up on any luxury to buy one that is not as harmful to the environment as others. Read More

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Pool and Spa Safety Measures

Are you afraid that a custom pool or spa in your house could lead to serious accidents? If so, there are some simple measures that you can take to ensure that you and your children are safe from the dangers involved while taking a swim or incorporating a custom pool in your house. Read More

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BonaVista’s Spring Service is Here to Make a Splash!

Spring is upon us – what better way to celebrate this glorious season than to enjoy fun-filled swims in your pool or savor the surroundings lounging in the relaxing waters of your spa? But hold that thought – is your pool/swim spa ready to serve you? We’re thinking you may need some professional help cleaning, chlorine washing and getting your water feature all refined for optimal use. Say hello to BonaVista’s Spring Service – we can assist you in the pool/spa servicing department and give you a cool discount on water care bundles. Here’s how it works. We have … Read More

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Basic Spa Care

There are six basic steps in spa care and maintenance. These are important if you want to enjoy soft, soothing water. If these steps are followed, they will prevent problems in the spa before they appear. Read More

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How Do You Clean the Spa Filter?

The filter is one of the most important components in a hot tub or a swim spa. When the filter is working to its optimum level, it ensures that the water remains fresh and sparkling. Different manufacturers of hot tubs and swim spas may differ in their instructions on how to remove the filter. You may have to refer to the manual on how to remove the filter from a hot tub. Read More

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Book your Fall Pool Closing

All good things must come to an end. The end of the pool season is fast approaching after one of the hottest and sunniest summers on record. Looking out at our pool this morning, I reflected on the action packed days and the quiet, relaxing nights we enjoyed throughout a magnificent summer. Let’s hope for a repeat next season! In the meantime, you can arrange to book your pool closing and there is no better time than the present to set a date. Fill out and submit our online form or call Sarah or Donna at 905.475.6980 today to … Read More

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Hydrotherapy to Give You a Magical Experience

Warm water has the transformative, calming and cleansing nature that humans have sought throughout history. According to Greek Mythology, tidal pools or natural springs were believed to have the ability to cure ailments as they were blessed by the gods. Hippocrates, the father of medicine prescribed bathing to all his patients as he felt that bodily fluids could be balanced by baths, along with massages, walking and perspiration. The use of hydrotherapy is accounted for in a number of ways in today’s wellness and health field. Shelly Fleckenstein, a physiotherapist from Nova Scotia says that people with head and … Read More

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