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All you Need to Know About Swimming Pool Excavations

Before you can visualize your beautiful poolside and your backyard as a venue for a million parties, you would need to come face to face with the toughest part of it all, the excavation. But what is it they said about, no pain, no gain! Without all the preparation of digging and building, there won’t be a pool or a party either. Before the excavation Prior to the excavation, it is important that you have all the requisite permits from your local body. If you need to use a part of your neighbor’s property to access the digging area … Read More

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Natural Stone Decking for Your Pool

An important aspect of poolscaping is to choose the right material for the area around the swimming pool in your yard. Since the deck is the area that receives maximum footfalls, care should be taken to choose the right material. There are many stone varieties you can choose from that offer a combination of style and functionality. Slate and granite One of the highly popular pool deck materials used is slate. Slate is durable and heavy, easy to install and can be cut to different shapes and sizes. The material comes in colors such as purple, green, gray and … Read More

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