Choosing a Dining Table that Suits Your Personality

Choosing a Dining Table that Suits Your Personality

The perfect dining table is the first step towards a stunning dining room. With so many options to choose from, making the right selection is not so easy. The choice should be primarily based on your personality. The overall décor of the dining room should also be taken into consideration.

A lover of clean, contemporary lines

When it comes to modern dining tables, glass is a great option. A frosted glass top may be considered for easier cleaning. Although visually pleasing, glass dining table may not be a practical option for all households, particularly homes with small children.

A fan of the rustic style

Over the past few years, this style has gained considerable popularity. Such tables take you back to a time, when the whole family gathered for dinners and farm-to-table food was the norm. Rustic tables can be paired with traditional or modern chairs. Based on your budget, you can either purchase an original antique or a nominally priced reproduction.

A minimalist

If you are a minimalist by nature, opt for a no frills dining table. For instance, in a dining room with wooden floors and ceiling, a minimalistic metallic table offers nice contrast and industrial feel. It is also easy to maintain. A basic wooden table is another option. You can start by considering typical rectangular, 6-8 seater tables and go on to look at some unusual options.

A nature lover

Tables made from salvaged wood plank are appreciated by most conservationists. These tables involve custom work, which is reflected in their prices. These look best in rectangular shapes.

When it comes to furniture, fixture and accessories, Bonavista offers a variety of functional, stylish and affordable options. Here you can choose from a wide range of indoor and outdoor dining products.

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