A Look at 3 Contemporary Beach Cottages

Contemporary Beach Cottages

Living on an island is typically associated with either primitive Caribbean huts or shacky shingled cottages. Although cozy cottages sound extremely welcoming, some of the contemporary beach houses featuring expansive doors and windows, clean lines and minimal detailing to emphasize the outside views can have you rethinking the best way to take advantage of an island setting.

1. Long Island, New York

Waterfront properties in Beacon Hill Colony up the Atlantic coast are in high demand among New Yorkers. Many of the modern houses feature clean contemporary lines. To overcome the size and height limitation, one of the architects came up with the brilliant idea of building house into the hillside. This not only set the house right in the natural surroundings, but also maximized the views and space. Height has been added by leaving the ceiling open to the well-textured and beautiful beams.

2. Raft Island, Washington

The modern beach house here has been designed for an artistic couple by their architect son. The place is designed to maximize the views of Puget Sound. It features a number of collectables side-by-side art created by the couple’s 4 grown children.

3. Nantucket Island, Massachusetts

On the outside this house seamlessly blends with the surrounding shingled cottages for which the island is so famous, while featuring a contemporary look on the inside. The natural light, white paint, clean lines and cathedral ceiling make the two-story house appear much bigger than its actual size.

When you opt for a contemporary beach house, you also need to accessorize it appropriately. Bonavista offers a variety of functional, stylish and affordable outdoor products like loungers and pillows ideal for accessorizing a waterfront home.

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