Cook Up a Fiery Steak with an Outdoor Kitchen in Your Backyard

No vacation is ever complete without a lazy afternoon of grilling juicy steaks in the wild outdoors. While you may not always get a chance to visit the wilderness, you can easily recreate the outdoor living experience by installing an outdoor kitchen in your home! With a wide range of available outdoor kitchen appliances, your backyard not only receives a stunning makeover, but also becomes a veritable BBQ party venue.

Thanks to the range of outdoor kitchen options available on Bonavista, you can create the outdoor grilling experience of your dreams. Depending on your needs and budget, you can pick from full fledged kitchen setups to portable grills and barbeques. Whether you are entertaining your family or a party for fifty, you no longer have to worry about heating up your home. If your dream outdoor kitchen includes a complete setup, opt for the built-in professional grill by Lynx. If you plan to whip out the steaks on occasions, a portable BBQ grill from Napoleon is perfect for you.

Why stick to traditional charcoal grills when you can choose from a range of convection grills, infrared, grills, rotisserie grills and conventional grills! Summer is the perfect time to install an outdoor kitchen in your backyard and grill your steaks effortlessly. And why limit yourself to an outdoor grill? Complete the outdoor kitchen setup with a range of barbeque accessories. From built in pizza ovens to grill baskets, sauces, cooking tools to cookbooks, seasonings and wood chips, you can add cabinets and outdoor refrigerators to spend an entire day cooking and enjoying the sun without having to run around for supplies.

Cook Up a Fiery Steak

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