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Pool Designs


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The custom pools and spas that BonaVista creates are practically limitless. We specialize and delight in helping clients translate their dreams and ideas into unique realities that work within their particular environments. A myriad of considerations are taken into account when recommending a design or option package, and each experience is different. To ensure satisfaction, we pay special attention to multiple elements, including:

Surrounding environment — Will the pool be situated amongst nature or manmade buildings, or adjacent vast expanse? Will it be lakeside, cliff-top, or part of an overall landscape aesthetic? Intended use—Is the pool for exercise and personal fitness? Will it be a hub of entertainment for children? Perhaps aesthetics are the driving force behind the design.

Yard orientation — How does sunlight travel across the yard? Can prevailing winds be harnessed to help skim debris from the pool surface?

Elevation challenges — Do existing grade changes need to be considered, and do they present opportunities for unique water features?

Themed features — Have you had a neat or unique resort or vacation swimming experience that you want to replicate in your own yard? Have you dreamed of owning a swim-up bar or a pool with a tanning shelf? Or a hidden grotto behind cascading waterfalls? The sky is the limit at BonaVista Pools!