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Elegant and Robust Styrene Plastic Patio Collection from Danesco

Quality Outdoor Patio Items from Danesco

There’s nothing quite like wholesome outdoor dining and a bit of healthy tanning during the warm months. Barbecues, pool-side parties, backyard lunches….there are many enjoyable experiences to be had in the company of loved ones whilst chomping down on delicious food! If you are planning weekend entertainment on your patio or deck, chances are that you may be a bit worried about bringing out your glassware. In this case, Danesco’s patio collection is perfect for you!

Danesco distributes a wide range of quality kitchen products and accessories throughout Canada. Its patio collection includes wine glasses, tumblers and pitchers – in other words, pretty much all the accessories you need to serve refreshing drinks to guests. Why should your consider Danesco’s products? Here are four compelling reasons:

Solidly constructed from styrene plastic: The patio collection boasts quality construction from a colorless, hard plastic known as styrene plastic. This means that you don’t have to be ultra-careful while handling your glass and can enjoy yourself without worrying about being butter-fingered!

BPA free safety: Bisphenol A or BPA is an industrial chemical found in many plastic products. Denesco’s patio collection is BPA-free, which means you can cast aside heath risks and use your plastic tumblers and wine glasses safely for many summers to come.

Elegant transparent design: Modern, sleek lines and a clear plastic design results in the elegant and transparent glassware look you want to flaunt. As the host of the party, you can rest assured that your Danesco patio items will appear appropriately classy and contemporary.

Value for money: Danesco’s patio collection offers you your dollar’s worth of quality, elegance and safety.

Get ready to throw entertaining and fun outdoor parties and lunches with Danesco’s patio collection, now available at Bonavista!

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