Essentials Of Outdoor Dining You Cannot Do Without!

Essentials Of Outdoor Dining

The summer breeze brings along with it the fresh smell of new leaves, the cool breeze and a new batch of sunshine everyday. Admittedly, the summer breeze also carries nature’s surprises in the form of tiny bugs, creepy crawlies and other creatures you definitely do not want to eat. Why ruin your perfect BBQ because of a few bugs when you can easily guard your food against nature’s nasty surprises!

With outdoor kitchen essentials available on Bonavista, you can easily carry your food around without worrying about multi-legged predators getting a bite of your burger before you do! Outdoor kitchen accessories from Bonavista are practical, functional and eye catching, allowing you to patiently sip on your cocktails without ruining your al fresco dining experience.

A classic element of any outdoor kitchen is the large woven cloche and tray. It can easily carry a lot of food while keeping it warm. Use oversized cloches for sizeable amounts of food. You can also opt for colorful food covers made from mesh materials. Available in bright shades like blue, red and green, these protective guards will ensure that your food is kept away from insects and debris. Alternatively, you can also opt for foldable mesh tents that can be easily stored in small cabinets.

If your food area is concentrated in one part of your outdoor space, you can opt for a large food tent that can store all your meats, salads, drinks, fruits and other items on the menu. If you are enjoying a typical picnic in the wilderness with a traditional picnic table, a table sized food tent can protect all your sauces, burgers and produce. Choose from a range of grilling tools, mesh covers and other essentials from Bonavista.

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