And Then There Were Three: Finding the Right Barbecue for an Amazing Experience

Barbecues are fun ways to spend time, and whether it’s the Hawaiian luau or the South African Braai, the Aussie sausage sizzle or the Jamaican jerk chicken, everybody loves grilled food.

Based on the space you have in your backyard, or wherever you plan to grill your meat, you may choose from the following types of grills available at Bonavista.

Infra Red: Fuelled by natural gas or propane, these grills are similar to the traditional gas barbecues. The difference between them is that infrared grills emit infrared radiations on heating a ceramic tile to cook your food. It heats up very quickly and your food is ready to eat instantly – the main advantage of a grill of this type. A perfect steak can be prepared in just six minutes, and this is sworn by the connoisseur!

Charcoal: The classic charcoal grill has been used by many a griller for decades. Though it may take more time to heat up and be harder to control the heat distribution, the kettle grill is the symbol of backyard barbecues. It’s what a real aficionado craves! If you haven’t tried it before, or it’s been a while, it’s time to revert to the classic.

Gas Grill: Everything under the sun has a reason, and so does the gas grill for being a favourite – it’s the most versatile grilling device. There are gas grills that fit anyone’s budget and space. If you possess natural gas heating, a gas line can be extended to your barbecue, eliminating your worries of exhausting propane again. A wide range of accessories like smoke boxes and infrared attachments fit gas grills, meaning that a single grill can cook how many ever delicious gems you wish to try.

Get your Grill On, But the Right One!

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