Fitness in the swimming pool

Need another reason to own a pool? A recent article in the Globe and Mail suggests that swimming may be the way of fitness in the future.

A growing pile of evidence supports the idea that water-based exercise is a good approach for people with joint pain or poor balance, offering some unique benefits that can’t be replicated on land. But new research also suggests that, to get the full benefits, you need a well-designed program that emphasizes the links between your movements in the water and functional movements on land.

Fitness in the water allows you to not add pressure to the joints in your body, which decreases pain of movement and chance of injury.

It’s not that aquafitness is necessarily better, Dr. Arnold says – the advantage is that it’s more accessible. For example, her research focuses on older adults with osteoporosis, who can exercise in the water without the fear of a bone-breaking fall.

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