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Go Green in the Kitchen with Colourful Countertops

Have you considered a bright apple green color dominating your kitchen? If not, this should get you thinking. With the heat ushering in bright sunshine and hope, why not add an uplifting twist to your kitchen? Commonly, many do not think of turning the kitchen into an example of contemporary décor, especially with colours like bright apple green. But this is exactly why you should do it!

Keep your kitchen vibrant, smiling and unique by creating a space that is green not just by color but also by practice. Choosing eco-friendly countertops and cabinets are becoming a trend among eco-conscious families and you can do the same. This principle works equally well on indoor and outdoor kitchens. Apart from eco-friendly kitchen elements, you can also opt for patio furniture and accessories made from green practices. You can find the A to Z of outdoor kitchen spaces on Bonavista, from colorful countertops, grills, BBQs, ovens and more!

One of the easiest ways to make your outdoor kitchen stand out is to use apple green countertops. When paired with a sober wood cabinet, these countertops look anything but gaudy. The trick is to balance out the vibrant look of the apple green with subtle and earthy colors of the zebra wood. Paint neutral tones on the walls to bring focus to the countertops instead. By ensuring maximum ventilation in your outdoor kitchen, you are reducing your cooling as well as lighting costs.

Apart from turning your plain backyard into a fully functional modern kitchen, you can also make it extremely functional. Introduce hidden cabinets and storage space wherever possible to store your cutlery and other kitchen essentials. For more ideas, check out the range of outdoor living ideas on Bonavista!

Go Green in the Kitchen with Colourful Countertops

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