Hot tub water – healthy, simple, clean

Hot tub care – learn about a healthier and simpler way to care for your hot tub water. Find out what’s new in hot tub water care this Wednesday, February 8th. An informative event with loads of tips and techniques for maintaining your hot tub. Featuring the new Mineraluxe line by Dazzle.

Location: 812 Eglinton Ave. East, Toronto
Date: Wednesday, Feb 8th
Time: 1pm or 7pm

Refreshments and door prizes.
15% off all water care products for attending this event.

Fall in love with your hot tub all over again.

One thought on “Hot tub water – healthy, simple, clean”

  1. We are clients – would this be a good system for our rooftop hot tub? We are away and will miss the presentation but would like to know if this works for us. We are back June 5 and will re-open the hot tub the day after or so. Thanks.

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