Serenity Hot Tubs


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Ergonomically designed for full body support and comfort, the Serenity hot tub has soft, comfortable pillows to support your head and neck and wide lumbar seats to cradle your body. The “Versa massage” hydrotherapy system adds the final touch by massaging every inch of your body. A wide variety of stainless steel jet sizes and types include powerful wide body streams to penetrating finger tip massage, each jet fully adjustable to provide optimum hydrotherapy.

The Serenity hot tub comes in 5 different models from 3-4 persons to 6-7 persons. All models are well-equipped with 18 standard features. Allow yourself to feel, work, play and sleep better!

Serenity Hot Tubs:

SE4          SE5          Serenity 4000

     Special Edition 4                         Special Edition 5                           Serenity 4000

Serenity 5000          Serenity 6000           Serenity 7000

          Serenity 5000                             Serenity 6000                               Serenity 7000

Serenity 8000

          Serenity 8000