Lounging in Supreme Comfort with Fatboy

Fatboy Haeddemock

With its unabashed style and innovative designs, Fatboy has carved its own niche in the ‘comfort seating’ arena. The company’s bean bags and hammocks are unlike anything on the market, with their trendy shapes, exciting colors and patterns, and of course supreme comfort. Whether you choose to plop down lazily, sit back, or take a nap, Fatboy’s products will definitely pamper your body. The good news is that you can do all three at Bonavista – we have four fantastic Fatboy seating and lounging solutions for you.

The Fatboy Haeddemock is much more than your traditional hammock – it is Aladdin’s magic carpet stuffed with the softest material and suspended in air to make you float like a feather. You can accommodate up to three loungers (an adult and two kids) with some room left for your pet too!

If you don’t want to share your space with anyone, how about the Fatboy Buggle-Up? You can carry this one just about anywhere – to the beach, playground and on your camping trips, thanks to its corner grommets that facilitate easy transportation. While it is big enough to seat two adults, you’d probably want it all for yourself; that’s just how cozy it is. You can recline in the Buggle-Up or use it like a normal chair.

The Fatboy Original offers the comfort and space you need after a tired day at work. Its standout style makes it the center of attraction in any living space. The Fatboy Marimekko is inspired by vibrant and exciting Marimekko prints that have been sported by the likes of Jackie Kennedy. Creating an instant fashion statement, the Marimekko is available in black, blue, Kaivo red and Uikko red.

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