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The Many Benefits of Swim Spas

Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise for staying fit, without traumatizing the body. Even if you know that, the chances that you will swim every day are not very high, unless you have a pool at home. When you don’t have enough space to accommodate a regular pool, or if you live in an apartment, a swim spa can be a great alternative for a normal pool. It can be used for exercise, relaxation, and also for therapeutic purposes.

When you want a pool at home, choosing a swim spa over an outdoor pool can be beneficial. A benefit of these pools is that they occupy lesser space. While the regular pool measures around 18×36 feet, a swim spa measures 8×16 feet on an average, with a depth of just 52 inches. The smaller size makes it easier to install it anywhere you want – in a room, on your terrace or in the backyard.

The cost of a swim spa is much lesser than the cost involved in installation and maintenance of a standard swimming pool. Not just that, these indoor pools are easy to maintain, are energy efficient and use less water. As they can be placed indoors, swim spa provides year-round rehabilitation and relaxation for the user. Come rain or shine, you can always go for a swim in your pool without worrying about the weather.

Some of these pools are specially designed for therapeutic purposes and can help in alleviating ailments like arthritis, with specific aquatic exercises. Examples of swim spa exercises include underwater biking, kickboard resistance training, and water weight exercise. Swim spas are also great for swimming practice in the comfort of your home.

The Many Benefits of Swim Spas

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