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Add Mood Lighting to Your Backyard with SLIDE Lighting Solutions

SLIDE Lighting Solutions

While the bright sunlight makes your renovated backyard look like a summer wonderland, nothing creates a mystical atmosphere like mood lighting at night.

If you want your backyard to appear stunningly dreamy for late night events and parties, a little help with LED lighting will do the trick.

Economical and extremely effective, LED lights create a beautiful effect without piling on your electricity costs.

Whether you are hosting a tropical luau or a romantic dinner for two, lighting enhances the mood. If you are set to host a fun party for a larger crowd, small bonfires and golden lighting are best suited to create a casual atmosphere. For elegant dinner parties, decorate your backyard with classy silverware, delicate flowers and soft lighting for a calming effect. If you have a poolside party, nothing lifts the spirit like floating lights in the pool.

If you are looking for hassle free wiring of multipurpose outdoor lighting, SLIDE has a range of products perfect for your backyard. SLIDE makes use of minimum wiring to keep repair costs to a minimum. Easy to install, these lighting products available at Bonavista boast sleek and modern designs.



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