Native Plants: Old is Gold!

Native Plants

Plants that are indigenous to a particular area are described as “native plants”. They are the ones that have been growing on our land for possibly thousands of years. They vary from region to region, and many growers are looking at incorporating native plants in their own yards. Check out the range of patio furniture available on Bonavista for interesting outdoor décor ideas.

The importance of growing native plants holds much significance due to the fact that they have become really scarce. Native plants must also be planted to promote a truly sustainable and green industry, and ensure that what grows in your yard plays no part in degrading natural areas.

If growing native plants is among your interests, you may contact retailers of native plants and ask them to recommend what would flourish for your situation. They really know a great deal about plants and will be glad to share their knowledge. If locating local experts is hard, you may try and contact your garden university or club, nature society or the native plant society of your province.

You may be interested to know that growing native plants is almost the same as growing the common horticultural ones. As a matter of fact, growing and maintaining native plants is lesser work, and the costs incurred in the long run are also lower. This is because native plants tolerate pests more than the regular ones, require lesser water and no fertilizer. They’re well accustomed to local conditions as they have existed in the area for centuries.

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