Polaris: The working of a Pressure Cleaner

Polaris Pressure Cleaner

Keeping your pool clean is very important. If the water is dirty, it can cause illnesses among people who use the pool. The water must be free of bacteria and other germs so that people can have a good swimming experience without any side effects. Finding the right way to cleaning your pool is essential. The range of pressure cleaners from Polaris, available at Bonavista offer you excellent options to consider.

The working mechanism of a pressure cleaner: The pump sucks up the water via the main drain and the skimmers. The water then makes its way to the filter where it is cleaned. It enters the pool after the cleaning process, through the outlets. A bypass is included in the pipework so that the booster pump can be fed. The pressure cleaners from Polaris are connected to the sweeper socket so as to act as an outlet. The jets create the venturi effect to convert the arriving water into a strong suction current that allows the cleaner to circulate.

Advantages of a pressure cleaner: It keeps the water in your pool clean. Leaves, twigs and other debris do not clog your basket and filter. It is caught in the bag of the cleaner instead. The frequency of cleaning your pool will be reduced significantly. Pool cleaners work very well if you have leaves or other debris falling into your pool frequently. The strain they put on the filtration system is also very less.

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