Pool Renovation


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Change is the one constant in life. Circumstances change, children grow, families expand, we age. What is envisioned as the ideal backyard oasis today may not be just that five, ten, or twenty years on.

While our pools will likely outlast most of us and never stop adding value to your home, we understand the need to evolve. That’s why we offer renovations to our, and others’, clients.

We offer the latest in technologies and products, so resurfacing, re-tiling, or renovating a deck can be done seamlessly. We also offer luxurious patio furniture by Source Outdoor to augment your new artscape. Or consider adding a water feature, spa, pond or outdoor kitchen. BonaVista is here to write those additional chapters with you.

If we built your pool, we are here to enhance your dream. If we didn’t, we invite you to discover BonaVista’s high-quality reputation and personable nature.