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Quality Testing at Kettal

The elegance of Kettal’s outdoor furniture is apparent with a single glance, but only users know just how solidly engineered the company’s products are. This is given the fact that Kettal performs a range of stringent quality tests on its products before making them available in the market. If you are looking to buy a Kettal table or chair at Bonavista, here’s a look at the company’s quality testing program.

When you test a chair, sofa or lounge for quality, you have to take into account all important components. Kettal checks for durability by performing a series of tests on the furniture’s various physical components. The seats and backrests are assessed for their ability to bear pressure by placing weights on them (up to a certain maximum). This is part of Kettal’s static effort test. The seats and backrest are also tested for impact (up to 10 impacts). The arms, seats, legs and backrest are subject to a fatigue test to verify the extent to which they can withstand constant pressure.

The quality and longevity of furniture fabric are also important considerations. Kettal puts the fabrics and porotex through a tensile effort test where they are expected to resist 551 lbs. A Xenotest measures the furniture’s capability to resist harsh sunlight; the furniture is tested in a simulated environment to meet ISO105 B04 and ISO4892-2 standards.

This is not all; Kettal also performs salt spray chamber, water column resistance, thermal impact and Teflon coating resistance tests to ascertain that the furniture can stand up to outside elements successfully. As you can see, Kettal gives high priority to quality and green lights furniture pieces only after they have passed their tests with flying colors!

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