Spring cleaning for your hot tub

Time to Change Your Hot Tub Water!

We are now rounding the four month mark from November and that means it’s time to fresh fill your spa again! Like a glass of water that you continually stir sugar into until the sugar will not dissolve any longer; your spa has a total saturation limit for the chemicals you put in weekly.

Usually happening around the three to four month mark, a complete drain and refill of your tub will be neccesary depending on your weekly bather load as well as maintenance. Because we are still in the midst of winter weather, it is not reccomended to do a fresh fill to your spa unless the temperature is well above freezing. Close to freezing temperatures can cause your spa’s temperature safety sensor to “trip” and therefore not heat your spa.

It is imperative that you fresh fill your spa’s water on a regular basis to ensure bather comfort is maintained as well as to increase the longevity of your spa and it’s internal parts.

Stop by BonaVista LeisureScapes for a free water testing. Bring 1 litre of your hot tub water, and leave with a prescription to ensure comfortable, safe, and balanced water. See coupon attached: Spend just $50 and get $10 off your purchase of water care products.

We carry a full line of Dazzle watercare products to keep your hot tub feeling, looking and smelling great whatever time of year you use it.

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