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Stay Fit with Endless Pools

Often called the swimmer’s treadmill or an aquatic treadmill, an endless pool is great for exercising and fun. With these indoor pools, you can swim continuously in one direction for as long as you can, against a smooth current of water. The length of the pool can be between 7 and 10 feet, while the depth is usually 6 feet, which makes it ideal for different people. Because of its extremely convenient size, an endless pool can be installed indoors or outdoors.

With an endless pool at home, you can swim anytime you want, and ensure that your body gets the needed exercise without fail. When you swim, you exercise the highest number of muscles than you would during any other form of workout. Setting a steady current speed in the endless pool allows you to swim for a long time, providing consistent exercise to all your muscles. As swimming does not result in any kind of injury to joints, muscles or bones, you can exercise in it for as long as you want, without having to turn or push in another direction.

Endless pools are also ideal for athletes, who want to build up their strength and increase their stamina. Once you are comfortable with a certain speed of current, increase the force slightly and try to swim against it. As the speed of the current can be adjusted, these pools can be used by amateur swimmers, as well as champion swimmers.

Swimming in an endless pool is also relaxing and can be a pleasant experience. Besides exercise, endless pools can also be used for aquatic therapy, for relieving the pain caused due to arthritis.

Stay Fit with Endless Pools

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