Top Summer Colors for Your Outdoor Living Space

living space. Whether a simple patio or an outdoor living room, with a few colors, you can dramatically change the look of your deck! All you really need are a few complementary hues that perfectly mirror your home. Check out these vibrant combinations and add color to your summer with outdoor furniture, patio umbrellas and other accessories from Bonavista!

One of the best colors that depict the warm summer is yellow and in combination with black, your outdoor living space is instantly turned into a fierce and imaginative place. Pair a funky striped umbrella with this combination for a balancing effect. You can also add LED lighting options available on Bonavista. Another summer favorite orange, works in harmony with a rich color like purple. When used sparingly to line wood and metal, these hues create an impressive mix. Use a soothing wood backdrop to highlight bright chairs in tangerine and eggplant shades.

If you are looking to cool off this summer, you can choose soothing combinations like blue and green. A sure fire way of relaxing you, these calming hues are reminiscent of natural elements like grass, sky and the cool sea. Choose an earthy green outdoor rug to match your pleasantly cool outdoor furniture. Use cool colors in contrast with white and black to create a classic and traditional décor complete with beanbags and fluffy cushions.

If two colors aren’t enough to contain your colorful personality, feel free to go wild with rainbow themed outdoor spaces. Pair a comfy white couch with colorful cushions in reds, blues and other sunny hues. Check out Bonavista for more ideas today!

Outdoor Living Space

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