Swim Spa Donation to Canadian Military Family

Today, along with 9 other Hydropool dealers across Canada, BonaVista is donating and installing a Hydropool swim spa to a Canadian military family for the purpose of rehabilitation.

From the media:
‘A therapeutic swim spa will be installed at the home of Master Corporal Will Wells in Deep River near CFB Petawawa, at no cost, thanks to the efforts of 10 Hydropool retailers recruited by Brady, owner of Cobra Pools & Spas. Brady said the swim spa will help both Wells, 36, who was wounded while serving in Afghanistan, and his wife Suzy, 39, a corporal in the forces who has had to have a full knee replacement. Wells works at Canadian Forces Base Petawawa, but has been told he can never serve another tour of duty in Afghanistan due to his injuries. “They can both really be assisted by the swim spa,” said Brady. “This project is going to change their lives immensely.”‘

Swim spas offer the benefits of water-based exercise and hydrotherapy in a compact space. Water supports the body, making it possible to do movements that may not be otherwise possible. With water’s buoyancy, there is less impact on joints; the resistance of the water offers a gentle but more intensive workout; and the massaging effect of the water can help release stress and tension during exercise. In addition to ample space for exercise, the swim spa includes contoured seats with eight hydrotherapy jets.

To read more about this project, click here.

Swim spa being craned into place.

Will and Suzy Wells.

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