Having a swim spa at home is an amazing way to relax, swim at your leisure or exercise whenever you please. However, they might be a bit of a mystery to you, if you are new to using a swim spa. After exercising in a swim spa, you won’t feel tired; instead, you’ll feel invigorated and full of vitality. Using

Swim spas are amazing, especially if you get one at home. They can be used to relax, swim at your own leisure or exercise whenever you please. But they might be a bit of a mystery for those using these spas for the first time. After exercising in a swim spa, you will not feel tired, instead, you will feel

Swim Spas are basically mini swimming pools, where you can swim against artificially generated currents. The currents are produced using a propulsion system, which means you don’t have to turn around continuously to keep swimming. Swim Spas also function as hot tub spas, so that you can relax after a hearty swimming session. In a nutshell, a Swim Spa is

Slightly larger than a regular hot tub, but smaller in size compared to a pool, a swim spa makes use of a propulsion system that generates a current of gushing water against which users can swim. Most swim spas come with therapy jets and are great to relieve stress and loosen muscles.

Swim spas are a great compromise for people who want the feeling of swimming laps in a pool, but who don’t have the space and/or budget to accommodate a full-size pool. A swim spa is also much easier to plan backyard designs around. You can create privacy, serenity and beauty with your swim spa using some of the following techniques.

If you are in a dilemma over whether to choose a pool or a swim spa, here are some reasons why a swim spa might be a better idea. A swim spa offers a better opportunity than a pool in terms of relaxation and therapy. Swim spas can also be used throughout the year irrespective of the weather. If you

If you have experienced a power failure and are concerned about your hot tub or swim spa please be assured the water will protect your plumbing for days before it drops to 36 degrees F so do not drain the water out. Keep the cover on and once power is restored reset your GFCI and check the digital panel. If you have a FLO message you may need to thaw the mechanical equipment with a small space heater or service light. Tarp the area to create an incubator effect. Alternatively if you are without power, use a propane patio heater to keep the equipment area from freezing and add hot water by bucket or hose.

There are six basic steps in spa care and maintenance. These are important if you want to enjoy soft, soothing water. If these steps are followed, they will prevent problems in the spa before they appear.

Often called the swimmer’s treadmill or an aquatic treadmill, an endless pool is great for exercising and fun. With these indoor pools, you can swim continuously in one direction for as long as you can, against a smooth current of water. The length of the pool can be between 7 and 10 feet, while the depth is usually 6 feet,