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Tour of an Amazing Long Island Waterfront Home

Tour of an Amazing Long Island Waterfront Home

Many New Yorkers are opting for houses beyond the 5 boroughs. Long Island is a popular option. The Noyack Creek house is such a home. It has been designed by a local Island firm for a New York City based actor. The most unique thing about this waterfront house is that its design hints towards the owner’s profession.

Overall height limitations because of zoning restrictions, siting constraints due to wetland setbacks on the west and privacy concerns because of the presence of neighbors on the north and the south were some of the issues faced while designing the house. The view offered by the water facing west elevation is where the magic of the house lies.

Compared to the open west front, the eastern side is closed and is broken only by a few windows. This offers privacy in bathroom and guest room. The wall bordering the deck features that same black material as a major portion of the house. This material is called skatelite, frequently used in skateboard ramps. According to the architects, this gives the house a black box theater feel. As the owner is an actor by profession, this makes sense. The upper story houses the master suite. Although closed on the east; it is oriented to the west and offer amazing water views.

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