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Transform Your Home into a Rustic Modern Cottage

Transform Your Home into a Rustic Modern Cottage

Fairy tales capture the imaginations of the young and the old and a great way to make it come to life is to turn your home into one! While creating palaces of gold may not always be in your budget, you can always recreate the rustic cottage like feel in your own home. Commonly associated with fairy tales, cottages boast an old world charm with its nature oriented themes and minimalist design. Here’s how you can turn your ordinary home into a rustic wonderland with a touch of modern design.

One of the easiest ways to turn your simple kitchen into a forest dweller’s cottage is to add wall boards. With a simple and elegant two tone paint job in mild colors like white and baby blue, you can turn your kitchen into an airy and open space. Instead of using tiles or splashbacks, use transparent glass covers to protect the walls. Pendant lights, simple windows and open shelves are a great way to add the rustic zing to your home.

Cottages are almost synonymous with modesty. Use humble décor items like simple wooden tables and chairs, earthy colored cabinets and vast open windows. A great way to let the sun in, you can add a few centre pieces to create a simple yet dramatic interior. Blend minimalist design with functionality by adding clear soap jars and display cases. You can add the rustic contemporary feel by using woven hampers and wooden wastebaskets among other unique décor items available on Bonavista.

Experiment with wooden paneling from floor to ceiling to create a warm and private atmosphere of a cottage. Reclaimed wood is a fantastic way to bring the old world charm into your modern homes. Use such railings to frame staircases or windows and instantly take your home back centuries ago.

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