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Tucci Bay Master Aluminum Parasol: Aesthetic and Functional Shade Solution

Tucci Bay Master Aluminum Parasol

Tucci is a well-known maker of stylish shade solutions; the company’s parasols are designed to offer superlative performance in any environment. A Tucci product not only boasts solid quality, high functionality and undeniable style, but is also the result of sustainable manufacturing processes. At Bonavista, you can buy Tucci Bay Master aluminum parasols in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors.

What is the aluminum Bay Master parasol? It is like the much-loved Tucci Ocean Master beach parasol, with a unique deviation. Its center mast is constructed from brushed aluminum that provides the durability and ruggedness needed for delivering good service in seaside resorts and other commercial markets. The Bay Master is also a great addition to private poolsides and backyards. With its patented modular construction, non-corrosive finish and UV-stable components, the parasol is engineered to provide best-in-class durability and has the ability to weather even the most challenging outdoor conditions.

In the style department, the Bay Master boasts distinctive lines that we have come to appreciate in Tucci products, and instantly ups the visual appeal of the outdoor space it is added to. Cotemporary and eye-catching, the Bay Master is available in both sober and bold colors.

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