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Unique and Inspirational Architectural Features

Unique and Inspirational Architectural Features

If you have lived in or been to Venice Beach, California, you’ll know that homes here typically stand on narrow lots. While it may appear that this will pose space problems and lessen design flexibility, smart architectural features can bypass these issues to result in an eye-catching home. This was the subject of discussion in a more recent article that featured a Venice Beach home with a modern design and multi-cultural elements.

The home is a big one, comprising a main house and a guest house on a lot measuring 132 feet by 43 feet. The architect’s aim was to use every inch of the available space as resourcefully and aesthetically as possible, while respecting the neighborhood and ensuring the requisite privacy. To achieve this, a one-storey home was constructed, whose exoskeleton extended past the home’s elevation to bring indoor and outdoor spaces together. To the right, a guest house comprising one bedroom and two bathrooms was constructed. A mezzanine level, pool and terrace complete the total structure.

Eschewing air-conditioning, the home uses cross breezes to keep indoor spaces cool. A sustainable building material made from recycled plastic and sawdust – Trex – was used for walls, interior and exterior. In combination with concrete and steel, the overall look afforded is industrial/contemporary, in line with the architectural vision. An exterior wall is inspired from Moroccan homes opening up to hidden courtyards. A distinguishing feature of the home is the sunshade system used to control light and temperature whilst serving privacy needs. Shade solutions, like the ones found at Bonavista, can transform commercial and residential spaces dramatically. The ochre and burnt Sienna motorized shades- inspired by Marrakech souks – blend well with feel and look of steel.

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