What kind of hot tub is right for you?

We are dedicated to guiding you toward finding the best hot tub to meet your needs. We know that hot tubs are an important investment and we want to help you explore the benefits, features and styles that most appeal to you before making that investment.

A few questions to ask yourself about the type of hot tub you require while you are out shopping for options:

How many people do you want seating for?
Do you want a lounge seat?
What is your primary reason for having a hot tub? (health/lifestyle/investment)
Where will you be putting the hot tub? (deck/cement pad/indoors)
What type of audio equipment interests you?
Do you want a variety of lighting options?
What price points are you looking at? (low/mid/high)

Find Out Which Hot Tub is Best for You

We are dedicated to providing the best service for our customers. To that end, we offer many ways for you to learn more about our hot tubs. Use the Hydropool online Hot Tub Selector tool, visit the product pages on the Hydropool website and/or visit our retail store, your convenient downtown hot tub shop in Toronto.

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