Where does the summer go?

It’s hard to believe that it is August already! It has been several weeks since I have had the opportunity to update this blog. Between a family vacation out East to see my parents, birthday parties, family outings, bbq’s with friends… and work…. it seems the summer is passing us by too quickly. It reminds me that every moment needs to be enjoyed so that when we are in the midst of winter, we can look back on those summer memories to help get us through the cold winter months. One of my most favourite things about summer this year is that my children are learning how to swim. It is such a joy to watch them change from being cautious in the water to moving around like little fish. Jumping off the side was ‘scary’ a few months ago and now is a regular part of the swimming routine. We are teaching water confidence, fun and most importantly safety. We have excellent learn-to-swim devices that help give confidence in the water, water toys to keep the experience fun and lifejackets to encourage floatation and pool safety. It has been such a wonderful summer to own a pool this year. We look forward to getting to use it for a few more months yet!

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