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Workout Uglies: Under-eye Creases After Swimming

Speedo Jr. Hydrospex Goggles

The use of goggles is required to keep your eyes from the water in a pool while swimming. Apart from protecting your eyes, they also increase the clarity of your vision under water.

Accentuating dark circles and puffiness: Although suction helps in keeping water out, it can also be the reason why the frames of your goggles form dark circles and puffiness by sinking deep into the fragile tissue below the eyes, according to a board-approved dermatologist, Monica Scheel, in Kona, Hawaii – the country that hosts the Ironman Triathlon World Championships every year.

Solution to the problem: According to Scheel, there is no pair of goggles that is free of creases, especially if your tear troughs are noticeably deep. An Ironwoman Champion who treats triathletes, Scheel advises a pair of glasses that does not sit right under the eyes.

Options to assess: The Speedo Jr. Hydrospex goggles or the race series by View, or a wider mask that covers the upper part of your face is the best bet. Aqua Lung – a diving outfitter owns Aqua Sphere (a swimwear company), and you can witness the scuba influence in the widespread designs of its Kayenne goggles, and even more so in the Vista Lady swim mask, which possesses a cushioned silicone facial “skirt” that promises not to cut into the skin.

Amanda Beard, an Olympic swimmer wears the Vista while she swims for fun and races and trains in the Kayenne, according to the company. Oprah recommends the Kayenne googles and Vista swim mask, both by Aqua Sphere and products that we sell at the store. You can purchase them at Bonavista.

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