As a swim spa owner, you know what an wonderful investment it was. You reap tons of health and wellness benefits from having your swim spa. But, there are some mistakes many swim spa owners make that could hinder your maintenance efforts. These are the top five mistakes we see swim spa owners make that could ruin their maintenance efforts

Keeping your hot tub water clean is one of the most important things you can do to provide a safe and relaxing soak while at the same time prolonging the life of the hot tub’s various components.  Learning to identify the telltale signs of declining water quality is an important skill for any hot tub owner.  This article outlines a

Contrary to popular belief, not all hot tubs are used exclusively for sitting, soaking and relaxing.  Taking a lesson from swimming pool watercise classes, more and more people are utilizing the privacy of their hot tub to gain the added benefits of water resistance when it comes to exercising.  Beyond simple water resistance, an extra bonus of exercising in the

With two main styles of hot tubs, you’ll need to decide early on in the buying process whether an in-ground or portable hot tub will be a better fit for your lifestyle and yard set up.  There are many differences between the two styles that will need to be considered.  This article will go over the differences between in-ground and

Purchasing a hot tub is a major commitment, so knowing what you can expect when it comes to its lifespan is a valid concern.  There are a wide variety of factors that will determine how long a hot tub will last.  This article will go over those variables and give you tips on how to extend the lifespan of your

Chances are, if you have been looking at purchasing a swim spa, you have probably heard the term ‘self-cleaning’ but may be unsure of what that really means. Hydropool has many state-of-the-art swim spas that are self-cleaning which allow you to spend more time enjoying your swim spa and not having to spend time cleaning the water, vacuuming the floor

When someone decides to purchase a hot tub, they want to relax and enjoy the therapeutic massage benefits – not skyrocket their energy bill. Proper insulation for your hot tub is a key factor in keeping your energy costs low. A quality hot tub that has proper insulation will cost as little as $1.00 – $1.50 per day to run.

For fitness minded individuals that enjoy the health benefits that swimming provides, owning a swim spa is a must. Often, people wonder if it is difficult to keep a swim spa clean and how much work is involved to keep it maintained. The answer really depends on the model, today there are many different swim spas available on the market

Swim spas are a perfect way to get a challenging workout in your own backyard and add enjoyment to your home. With today’s self-cleaning models, owning a swim spa is fun and easier than ever before, however, there are some common buying mistakes that you should be aware of so that you can avoid. All too often, these mistakes can

There is no doubt that deciding to buy a hot tub is an exciting time, however, some buyers rush into their purchase without being completely informed. Often, someone can believe that they are making an informed decision, but there are several common hot tub buying mistakes that are easy to fall into. It is important to know what to look