Pool Service

Pool service people meet all kinds of personalities in their line of work. Some are easy to work with; others not so much. The average customer is the one who is friendly, but not overly so, has an understanding that time is valuable and generally leaves the pool technician alone to complete the work. Average customers are pleasant to deal with, rarely complain and pay their bills after the work has been completed. Unfortunately, average customers are rare in the pool business.

Wooden Hot Tub

The base of any structure is the most important part. A good solid base with good drainage will be the difference between a hot tub that lasts 15 plus years and a hot tub that will require a new foundation every few years. Once a hot tub is installed, replacing the foundation is a big job, so you’ll want to do it right the first time.

Enjoyment of Your Swimming Pool

Even a small swimming pool in an artistic design with some creative landscaping around it, can create a wonderful atmosphere for you to enjoy with your family and friends. Once the swimming pool is finished, you can take your time in adding extras to your backyard that will make it both a visually pleasing and fully functional place to relax with family or throw a party.

Adding Privacy to Your Backyard Retreat

Many homes these days are built so close together, that it’s impossible to have any privacy in the backyard without some extra measures being taken, especially when the homes around you are two or more stories high. No one can truly relax in their own backyard if they feel that the neighbours have a front-row seat to their pool, hot tub or swim spa.