If you’re having trouble deciding whether you should purchase a swim spa or a swimming pool, you’re not alone.  There are many factors to consider including your budget, maintenance requirements, and more. Below you’ll learn about the major differences between swimming pools and swim spas so you can make the right choice for you. The Swim While you might imagine

Swim spas are becoming an increasingly popular choice for consumers because they offer the versatility to please each and every user.  From swimming for fitness to triathlon training options and fun in the sun, there is truly something for everyone! Below you’ll learn more about the many ways you and your loved ones can spend meaningful time in your swim

While choosing a hot tub size may seem straightforward, there are actually several factors to consider before making an investment, including both your short- and long-term future. Below you’ll learn more about what you should consider when choosing a hot tub size to make sure you get the best possible fit for you. Know How Much Space You Have Before

  One of the hottest contemporary design trends for hot tub areas is the outdoor room.  No matter what your style, creating an outdoor room lets you personalize your outdoor area and create a striking focal point in the area around your hot tub. Below, you’ll learn how to create more space for relaxing, barbequing, and entertaining by designing a

  If you’ve recently begun your search for the perfect hot tub, you may be feeling a little overwhelmed by the wide range of options available to you.  To choose the ideal hot tub, you’ll need to think about many factors including your lifestyle, therapeutic needs, budget, and preferences.  Below, you’ll find out exactly what to look for to make

Pool Service

Pool service people meet all kinds of personalities in their line of work. Some are easy to work with; others not so much. The average customer is the one who is friendly, but not overly so, has an understanding that time is valuable and generally leaves the pool technician alone to complete the work. Average customers are pleasant to deal with, rarely complain and pay their bills after the work has been completed. Unfortunately, average customers are rare in the pool business.

Wooden Hot Tub

The base of any structure is the most important part. A good solid base with good drainage will be the difference between a hot tub that lasts 15 plus years and a hot tub that will require a new foundation every few years. Once a hot tub is installed, replacing the foundation is a big job, so you’ll want to do it right the first time.