As home improvement projects go, there aren’t many that provide higher returns in terms of pleasure than the addition of a portable spa. The term “portable spa” is an industry term for a self-contained hot tub unit that can be installed anywhere on your

                                If you already have a backyard swimming pool, you know there’s nothing better than having a private place to swim with friends and family on a hot day. There are many accessories you can add to your pool to improve your enjoyment of it

Not all pool builders are the same. This guide to finding a dependable pool builder will help you to separate the competent and trustworthy pool contractors from the rest, so you can make the best possible decision about who to hire to make your dream come true. You need to be able to trust the builder you’re talking to. Interview

Our pets are part of the family and pool safety is just as important for them as it is for our children. Some dogs enjoy swimming, while others are more reluctant about taking the plunge and prefer to watch from the sidelines. Nevertheless, all dogs can benefit from a few basic safety rules. Here’s how to help your pup enjoy

When you have a backyard pool, there’s a certain amount of maintenance involved and part of that maintenance involves using pool chemicals to keep the water clean. The following outlines important guidelines for how to safely use and store pool chemicals. When in doubt, always seek the advice of your pool supply retailer. Dangerous Combinations Inorganic and organic chlorinating agents

Many people dream of having a pool and when that dream actually comes true, it’s time to think about how you want to design the surrounding area. When it comes to decorating the space around the pool, there are a multitude of ideas to choose from. You can transform your backyard into a relaxing and beautiful oasis with these tips