Are Lap Pools Cheaper Than Regular Pools?

Are Lap Pools Cheaper Than Regular Pools?

As property values rise and space becomes more expensive, especially in urban areas, those in the market for a swimming pool may find they don’t have enough room to install a full-sized tank. A great solution for those who want to swim on their own property but don’t have a lot of room is a lap pool. These long, narrow swimming pools allow swimmers to practice their stroke without needing a whole lot of space to do it. But are lap pools cheaper than regular pools? That really depends. In this article, we’ll go over the basics of the lap pool and try to compare prices with regular-sized pools.

What Is A Lap Pool?

The main difference between lap pools and regular pools are their size. Lap pools are long and narrow which allows one or two swimmers to swim laps at the same time. While they may be as long as a regular pool, they’re much narrower and therefore take up much less space. Many lap pools also feature a separate seating and entrance area that can allow for relaxation or other recreational activities. Modern-day lap pools first came on the market in California in the 1970s, but their appeal has since spread throughout the world.

Lap Pool Installation

Lap pools are installed in much the same way that regular swimming pools are. The way the area is landscaped depends on whether the pool is above ground or inground. For above-ground pools, the ground needs to be leveled. There are lap pools that are prefabricated and can be installed in a single piece which cuts down on the amount of labour involved. Inground pools require excavation which can increase your costs substantially. 

Cost of Lap Pool Installation

Estimating the final cost of installing a lap pool really depends on several different factors. Inground pools will cost significantly more than above ground pools due to the landscaping and the amount of labour required. The size and model of your pool will also affect the cost of installation. That said, the cost of installing a lap pool compared with installing a regular-sized pool isn’t that much different. The reason for this is that the landscaping and labour costs are essentially the same, regardless of the size of the pool itself. 

Cost of Running A Lap Pool

One area where you can easily save money by installing a lap pool is in the cost of operation. Because lap pools use much less water than a regular-sized pool, you’ll save money on the amount of chemicals you need to keep the water clean, the time it costs to maintain the pool and the amount of energy you’ll use to keep the water heated. While installing a lap pool may not save you money upfront, over time it will cost you less money to keep your lap pool operating.

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