Are Outdoor Gas Fire Pits Safe?

Are Outdoor Gas Fire Pits Safe?

One of the most romantic ways to supplement a cool summer night is by lighting a fire. The warmth it provides is complemented by the constant dance of the flames. Spending an evening next to a fire pit is a great way to experience the outdoors even if the temperatures are on the chilly side. Many people associate fire pits with wood, but more and more often these days, backyard fire pits are being installed to run on natural gas. Gas fire pits are cleaner, easier to light and extinguish and much more environmentally friendly than wood-burning pits. But are outdoor gas fire pits safe? With some general precautions, you can ensure their safety. Read this list of tips to find out more.

Installation Precautions

If your gas fire pit uses tanks of gas, it’s very likely you can set these up yourself. You’ll just need to follow the instructions carefully and test for any leaks before using it. If your fire pit uses the gas supply from your house, you will need to hire a certified technician to get the job done properly and safely. 


When choosing where to install your fire pit you should pay special attention to the surroundings. You’ll want to keep it at least three metres away from any buildings or structures. You’ll also need to ensure there are no electrical cables running overhead or underground or nearby electrical outlets. 


Keeping the area around your gas fireplace free of debris and combustible materials is another safety precaution that you should take. Regularly sweep the area to remove debris and store the broom away from the fireplace. You’ll also want to ensure any tripping hazards are kept away from the fire pit. If using gas canisters, make sure they’re well away from the open flame. Keeping the fire pit burners clean will also prevent any blockages that prevent the gas from flowing properly.

First Aid Supplies

You should keep first aid supplies nearby in case of any burns. A fire blanket is a must-have and should be easily accessible when you’re spending time around the fire. A fire extinguisher is another piece of equipment that should also be stored nearby with easy access. If there’s any sort of accident or out of control fire, these supplies could save a life or prevent injury.

Weather Conditions

If it’s extremely windy, you should be careful about lighting or burning a fire. Not only can the flames get quickly out of control, but sparks or small embers could also light fire to the surrounding areas. It’s better to wait for the wind to subside before trying to light a fire. If you have any trouble lighting it, turn off the gas and let it dissipate before trying again. 

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